By Debbie Holden 29 Jan 2020 7 min read

InAutomotive reveals the 10 highest paying jobs in the automotive industry

InAutomotive reveals the top 10 highest paying jobs in the UK automotive industry in 2019!

We have released our 2018-19 annual report, which presents a range of data surrounding jobseekers in the industry. The report includes job hotpoints, gender insight, job category information, top growth areas and more surrounding automotive professionals and their preferences for a new job.

The report reveals average salaries collected for over 100 roles within the motor trade, based on jobs recruiters posted on InAutomotive in 2019. Overall, the average salary increased by 2.01% from 2018’s figures. The 10 highest paid jobs were:

  1. Dealer Principal
  2. General Manager
  3. Franchise
  4. Sales Manager
  5. Franchise Manager
  6. Head of Aftersales
  7. Manager
  8. Fleet Sales
  9. Supply Chain Manager
  10. Business Manager


The above image shows just a handful of roles we collected data for in the report. Alongside revealing the average salaries for each role, the report also revealed the YoY difference in average salaries in the industry from 2018-19. 

Although Dealer Principal roles topped out as the highest average salary on the site, it did experience quite a decline from 2018, which was £73,869.49 (-7.35%). In 2019, the average salary was £68,437.50 

General Manager roles came second, at £62,394.07, a 2.36% increase from 2018, while the average salary for Franchise roles put it in third place, at £57,039.47.

Sales Manager salaries appeared to increase in 2019, rising from £52,445.49 to £56,333.33 (+7.41%).

Franchise Manager roles appeared to produce a slightly smaller figure to overall Franchise roles. We believe this could be due to the fact that the managerial roles were also considered in the above, as there were instances over the last year where some of those recruiting were putting manager roles in the main category. Nevertheless, the average salary collected for Franchise Manager roles averaged out at £55,241.94, an ever so slight increase from 2018, by 0.77%. 

Head of Aftersales roles followed in sixth place, averaging out at £53,571.43, a significant increase (+24.03%) from 2018. 

Manager roles came in next with an average salary of £49,457.94. In 2018 it was £51,837.22, so we saw a significant decrease here by 4.59%.  

Fleet Sales jobs average salary for 2019 was £43,088.24, and Supply Chain Manager averaged out at £47,046.33.