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How to Ask For a Raise

In recent times, companies are struggling to attract new talent against the rising costs. Though the salary rise in UK is expected to be 3%, employees with technical or specialist skills are said to benefit the most. They can expect their salary to increase up to 20%. 

Mostly, companies or employers are in a better position to offer other job perks than the monetary compensation; yet you should have a definite plan to tell your boss about how you want to grow along with the company. You’ll definitely be in there for the long haul. 


Factors Affecting Your Pay Raise 

The question about how to ask for a pay raise occurs at every stage of your career. Not all factors are predictable when asking for a salary raise. Yet, there are many variables that help you determine whether you can get a raise and on what basis. Here’s a look at those factors.


  1. Work Performance 

One of the best reasons to ask for a pay raise is when you’ve genuinely performed at work. Your performance highlights your career progression. For instance, if you’re into automotive sales or dealership, you must crush the quota given to you so that you become invaluable for the company. Performance is not always about how much extra money you’ve made, it’s also the dedication towards your job that counts. 


  1. Work Ethics and Attitude 

Your attitude represents how positive you are at your place of work. Positively handling your clients or showing enthusiasm towards menial tasks gives you a refined outlook at your employment. If you’re able to fit in the dynamics of your work place, that’s when to ask for a raise. 


  1. Leadership Skills

The best way to ask for a raise is when you deliver your natural leadership qualities and handle the tough situations. If you can boost your team’s morale, you are eligible for further responsibilities, and greater responsibility comes with a promotion or a pay raise. 


How to Ask for a Raise at Work

Despite the favourable conditions at your workplace, you might find it hard to negotiate your salary. Here the tips to reflect how you can ask for a pay raise. 


  1. Reflect on What Sort of Raise You Want

There are different pay structures in different jobs. In automotive industry, payment methods include commission and salary. Commission model gives an added push to the salespersons to perform their absolute best. For instance, if a dealer doesn’t sell many cars, he won’t get paid enough. Though commission based sales are the foundation of automotive sector, many companies are focusing on salary based jobs today. Salespersons get a fixed salary along with some bonuses and specific payment per sale. 


  1. Wait for the Right Moment

Keeping it for the right moment seems like half the job is done. Make sure you’re asking for a raise at the right time of your career. Don’t ruin it after a slip-up or a loss. Pick a time when you’ve performed superbly or clinched a big sale. Also don’t make it too late when the promotions have already been made or salary is just out. Make sure you plan ahead. 


  1. Do your Job Search

One way to ask for a pay raise is to ensure what you’re asking for is reasonable or justified. Don’t just come up with an amount that is too high or non-negotiable. Search beforehand – look into what other companies are paying to their employees for similar roles. Do a theoretical search or get feedback from friends or peers. People around you will give you a real-time check on your performance or whether you deserve a raise or not. 


  1. Demonstrate Why You’re Worth It

Before asking for a raise, reflect on your professional reputation. Make sure you really deserve the raise. How much have the sales increased since you joined? If you’re meeting a certain level of sales, you’re worth what you currently earn. However, if you’re targeting for more and exceeding the sales quota given to you, then you’re definitely worth it. When discussing your salary bump, reveal to your boss what exactly are your skills and potential talents you hold. Based on your previous performance, showcase the employer your value. You cannot ask for a raise immediately after your probation period or a year of being in service.  


  1. Have Confidence!

You must confidently answer why you want a salary raise and on what basis. Make sure you are well informed about the industry standards. You must be focused and make career oriented conversation. All your achievements and accomplishments must be on your fingertips. What role you had in the important projects? What percentage of returns are you bringing in for the company? Are your annual reviews commendable? If you’ve checked off all these questions, you can clearly explain why you need a raise without any nervousness. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


How should a mechanic ask for a raise?

In UK, mechanics are paid salary on flat rates. If you want a pay raise, you should acquire some diplomas or certificates to earn more. Your employer will only give you a raise if he knows you are a solid producer. So, you have to prove it to earn it. 


How do you ask for a raise at a dealership?

First consider how you’re being paid. Dealers are usually paid a commission or a salary. For instance, you could either want a 25% commission on your sales or 3% increase in annual salary. Make sure the raise is reasonable and fair for both, you and the employer. 


How do you politely ask for a raise for a professional?

When asking for a pay raise, remind your employer about your performance review. Discuss with them all your past achievements and how you’ve benefited the company. Tell them your plans about future contribution towards the company growth. 


What is reasonable when asking for a raise?

The best way is to always ask for raise that is 10 to 20% higher than what you currently make. You can ask more on the basis of your work performance or the time you’re giving to your work. Yet it is reasonable to negotiate. 


What is the average salary increase for 2022?

In UK, the average salary increase for employees is expected to be 3%. In the times when the employers have to face recruitment challenges and difficulties in retention, this rise in sallary does not meet the rising costs of living in the country. 

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