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            Head of Business
            Head of Business Pembrook Resourcing LTD
            Horsham, West Sussex, England
            Full time
            £75,000 - £125,000
            17 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            The franchise managers devise strategies to sell more and better, they have to provide business development plans to bring in more revenue. They are also responsible for maintaining the quality standards and ensuring that the branding and marketing goals are being accomplished. They can be asked to handle hiring and finance as well.

            The minimum educational requirements that most employers ask for are “A” Level English/Maths. The candidates ought to be good with numbers and must have excellent communication, project management, and problem-solving skills. Franchise manager jobs involve marketing and sales, so you need to have the requisite knowledge of digital marketing, negotiation skills will give your application an added advantage.

            If you want to pursue your career as a franchise manager in the automotive industry, a degree in business management, marketing, or finance will make your profile desirable. There are apprenticeships in the automotive experience that you can take up for gaining relevant knowledge. If you have worked as a digital marketer, that is a plus for franchise manager vacancies.

            The average per annum income of franchise managers differs depending on factors like an employer, job role, and working hours. Overall, the position is among the well-paid ones in the dealership and the managers get entitled to bonuses and other benefits as well. Explore the latest job listings by sought-after UK automotive employers on InAutomotive!

            If you are interested in business management and want to build a career in the automotive industry, becoming a franchise manager is worth it. The employment opportunities for this role are likely to get better in the coming years, there are promising prospects for managing an automotive franchise even in the present times, the job is monetarily rewarding.


            Franchise Manager Job Description

            Franchise managers are primarily required to expand the retail outlets and ensure the quality standards for existing ones are well-maintained. They have to collaborate with the franchisees to work for customer service excellence and provide business development plans that help with boosting sales and making the brand distinguished. They handle the finances and product category management. Getting acquainted with all the disclosure documents to be able to answer the questions is also in the franchise manager job description. The managers working at an automotive franchise have to analyse the industry trends and do detailed competitor analysis to devise sales and marketing strategies. 

            Franchise Manager Job Responsibilities 

            The major responsibilities of franchise managers include providing business development plans to increase profitability and accomplishing the sales targets. They implement marketing campaigns and come up with an e-commerce policy. They collect the market information to know what competitors are doing. They have to provide the annual operating plan. Identifying the key performance indicators and tracking them is also the responsibility of automotive franchise managers. They look out for potential partners and franchisees in the targeted locations. They need to make sure that the franchisees keep the quality standards and provide stellar customer service for improving and strengthening the brand’s positioning. 

            Skills Required to Build a Franchise Manager Career 

            The position requires good verbal and written communication skills as you have to interact with different teams and franchisees. You need to be good at managing time for the role as juggling between sales, marketing, and finance tasks can be challenging if you don’t know how to make the most out of time. Being flexible and adaptable to a changing work environment is also important for franchise manager careers. Problem-solving and analytical thinking skills are also essential for this job. You ought to be a smart negotiator and presenter as well. Explore the latest dealership openings in the automotive industry through InAutomotive!