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              Fleet Maintenance Controller
              Fleet Maintenance Controller Glen Callum Associates
              Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
              Full time
              6 days ago
              8 Hours to Apply
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              Frequently asked questions

              Fleet Managers are in charge of all aspects of Fleet activity within an organisation. This includes vehicle maintenance, driver management, and supplier negotiations. They supervise all the fleet related operations in an Automotive firm and also keep a close eye on vehicle purchasing and its cost maintenance.

              Fleet management is responsible for planning, directing, managing, coordinating, and supervising Fleet vehicle acquisition, assignment, use, maintenance, repair, replacement, and disposal programmes. The Fleet Manager is the primary contact for questions about the vehicle Fleet and operations.

              Fleet management is one of the most intriguing and fulfilling jobs out there, and it is a terrific way to advance your career. The growth prospects in Fleet careers are quite promising, and the automotive industry and dealerships always seek candidates with the required set of skills and educational backgrounds.

              Apart from a degree in Masters in Business Administration, the candidates are expected to have multi-tasking ability with excellent time management abilities. They must be capable of accepting and adapting to change. People interested in learning with outstanding communication skills are perfect for the job.

              A Fleet Manager must have an associate's degree, but a bachelor's degree is often preferable. Logistics, accounting, public administration, business administration, or automobile technology are all possible majors. Visit InAutomotive to explore the newly posted Fleet jobs.


              What are Fleet Management Jobs Like

              In the automotive business and other relatable businesses, people working in Fleet Management are logistics experts. Their key responsibilities include purchasing and maintaining delivery trucks and vehicles, registering, licensing,identifying cost-cutting and profit-maximising opportunities. Among other things and their daily tasks, Fleet Managers are responsible for recruiting qualified drivers, keeping detailed records of truck and vehicle servicing and inspection, and scheduling regular vehicle maintenance to ensure operating efficiency. There are also part time jobs fleet for those who work on a part-time basis and deal with all the Fleet related matters. 

              Fleet Management Jobs' Responsibilities

              People working in the Fleet management department are responsible for purchasing and maintaining delivery vehicles. They choose whether to lease or buy a car. They are also responsible for
              assisting with hiring qualified drivers for the fleet. It is their job to create cost-effective driving schedules in order to maximise earnings and manage drivers to ensure that they stick to rigorous schedules. Ensuring that all cars under their control are properly registered and licenced, identifying cost-cutting and profit-maximising opportunities and creating techniques to improve fuel efficiency is also a core part of their job. In addition, they keep meticulous records of vehicle maintenance and inspection.

              Skills Required to Build A Fleet Management Career

              The fleet management personnel should possess strong management skills because they have to oversee the Fleet operations. Keeping a close eye on all the agreements and having strong communication skills is a must. Moreover, you also need to learn the art of negotiation before setting foot in the Fleet department of any automotive company. Teamwork and leadership are also must-have skills required to excel in this field. InAutomotive has all the updated listings for fleet jobs that you shouldn’t miss out on.