By Debbie Holden 15 Jan 2019 5 min read

How to handle job rejection


So you didn’t get the job? Confidence can be heavily knocked if you’re rejected from your dream job. Something that can help you to better understand the reasons why though, would be to seek feedback from the employer who interviewed you. This can help you gain more clarity on the situation. Here are a few steps you can take when asking the employer for some feedback. 


When should I ask for feedback?

Only ask for feedback when you know for sure that you haven’t got the job. If you receive a rejection email, respond within 24 hours. If it’s a phone call, ask them for feedback then. Never be too afraid to ask – if anything, the employer would be flattered that you asked them for feedback as this shows that you respect their opinion.



Things you should do:

  • Really appreciate the feedback they give you, even if you aren’t going to use it. It shows you are confident enough to ask and that you are willing to improve yourself. 
  • Leave the door open. Even though you should never make the employer feel pressured into giving you a second chance, there is no issue letting them know that you would be open to different job roles or opportunities in the future.
  • Be confident and stay positive. Maybe it was just a case of, this job role is not for you. Do not put yourself down about it – your dream role could be just around the corner. Keep pushing yourself and aim high. 



Things you shouldn’t do:

  • Do not call outside of business hours. No one will answer, and even if they do (which we can imagine they won’t be very pleased about) they likely won’t be able to help. Call during work hours and someone will be able to direct you to the correct person.
  • Do not call repeatedly during work hours. People who work there have jobs to do, so do not distract them by making a nuisance out of yourself – this likely won’t go down well if you’re considering an opportunity with the company in the near future. Call once, leave a voicemail and wait for a response. 
  • Do not apologise. Even if the interview was a total disaster. It is what it is. 
  • Do not question any criticism. Someone has taken their time out of their busy day to give you some feedback and many places do not do this, so be patient and respectful.  















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