By Debbie Holden 21 Apr 2021 6 min read

How to become an automotive service writer


An automotive service writer is an essential addition to any car repair centre or dealership. So, if you have a combined interest in cars, writing, and communicating with people, this may be just the right job for you.

To assess whether this role is a fit, you first need to learn more about what it takes to become an automotive service writer. Without further ado, let’s dig deeper into what responsibilities this type of writer has and how you can become one.


What Does an Automotive Service Writer Do?

Automotive service writers are professionals with automotive knowledge who bridge the gap between the automotive dealership or repair centre and the customer. In a nutshell, they document customers’ vehicle problems, report them to technicians, and finally, plainly explain to customers complex technical notions.

The responsibilities of an automotive service writer are focused on assuring customer satisfaction while also handling certain documents regarding the repair process.

Here is the overview of typical responsibilities in this role:

  • Greeting customers
  • Receiving and documenting vehicle information
  • Listening to customer’s requirements, assessing the working conditions of a vehicle, and suggesting suitable service options
  • Providing service costs estimates and calculating payments
  • Writing repair orders (established problems, causes, and required services)
  • Writing orders for auto parts
  • Preparing service documents
  • Writing and maintaining customers’ records and rapports
  • Explaining technical reports to customers in a comprehensible manner
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Keeping customers updated, answering their questions, and promoting a positive customers experience


Acquire Technical Knowledge and Skills

Service writers must have a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). So, finishing high school is the first order of business.

Besides, you must have general knowledge of vehicle mechanical operations to work as a writer in the automotive industry. To gain that kind of knowledge, you can apply for an automotive apprenticeship or take a course in vehicle maintenance. Even if you’ve studied cars as a hobby, earning some certification can be helpful.

If you have an aspiration to earn a bachelor’s degree, you can aim at areas such as automotive engineering, automotive repair, mechanical engineering, or automotive technology.

Having certification or experience with a specific manufacturer can give you an advantage when a dealership or automotive repair centre specializes in one car brand. Therefore, you can also direct your learning at a certain manufacturer.


Gain Some Relevant Work Experience

Any type of work experience that hones useful skills for an upcoming service writer will be advantageous. Some repair centres and dealerships even demand relevant work experience. Typically, they require 1-2 years of experience.

Besides the mentioned apprenticeship, you can get an entry-level job in a repair centre or get employed in automotive customer service. Working as an assistant for a mechanic or technician is another way of earning relevant work experience.


Emphasize Relevant Skills in the CV

Employers don’t just pay attention to your knowledge and work experience. A service writer needs to have certain skills to perform well in this role. When writing a CV, you want to put focus on soft skills that will present you as an ideal candidate. Besides automotive skills, the skills that you can list in the CV are:

  • Communication skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Adaptability
  • Problem solving skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Teamwork

All these abilities are necessary if you want to be a service writer who successfully collaborates with both customers and the team.


Final Thoughts

A people-person with a strong interest in cars can get the best of both worlds in an automotive service writer career. Some knowledge in automotive repairs, some relevant job experience, and certain skills is all you need to get started. If you’ve already got that covered, you can embark on a journey of becoming an automotive service writer.


Article submitted by Kristin Savage. Kristin is a technical writer and editor. In addition to working as a freelance writer with experience in various industries, Kristin edits free essay samples for Subjecto. She relentlessly searches for challenging writing opportunities that push her boundaries. In her free time, Kristin loves to travel.