By Debbie Holden 16 Nov 2020 7 min read

How to sleep better in a motorhome or campervan

We recently caught up with SleepDog Mattresses to discover how to sleep better in a motorhome or campervan. This is what they said: 


“Whether you go on holiday in the United Kingdom or you tour Europe, there are many things you can do to make your experience in a motorhome or campervan more enjoyable and comfortable. These holidays usually take at least several days, so you will want to make the best of the experience.

Regardless of where you go, sleep is just as important at home as it is on the road in a campervan. There are a few things you should keep in mind when trying to make your motorhome sleeping experience as comfortable as it can be so that you get the best sleep possible.


Organisation and Décor

When sleeping somewhere that is not your home, like motorhomes or campervans, you will likely struggle to sleep well on the few nights. This phenomenon, found when you sleep in a new, unfamiliar place, has often been called the “first night effect” by sleep researchers.

Simply put, you often do not sleep well when sleeping in an unfamiliar place. So, for your first night or two in a motorhome, you might find yourself waking up not so refreshed in the morning. Even still, while moving across the various countries throughout your holiday, you might find it hard to sleep the first night every time you arrive at a new place.

A good way to tackle this “first night effect” is by making your motorhome or campervan feel more like home. You could do this by bringing in some décor that reminds you of home or makes you feel like the space you are living in is more of your own.

You could also make sure to keep everything organised with good storage and organisation, keeping your space less cluttered and cosier.

Otherwise, wise colour choices and ample lighting can turn a dull space into a brilliant one that adds to the homely feeling you need. With all of these modifications to your sleeping space, your motorhome or campervan will feel less like a strange place, regardless of where you travel.



Amenities or Upgrades

While having a sharp and well organised space is helpful for feeling comfortable, you could also consider making sure your amenities are up to scratch. Depending on when and where you travel, staying warm or staying cool may be a concern.

A cheap and lightweight solution for staying cool is by having one or a few battery powered fans to stay cool while you sleep.

You might consider a light and portable USB chargeable fan to move around your sleeping space as you need.

For staying warm, you can use a similar lightweight and portable option such as a portable heater. Using a small electric heater should provide ample warmth to keep you comfortable if you go on holiday in your motorhome or campervan during the winter.

Some other miscellaneous upgrades or additions to the stock layout of a motorhome include adding curtains, to block out light when trying to sleep, or, if you have space, installing a compact washer and dry system.

Though less cheap than the other additions, having an easier way to wash or dry clothes could make a long holiday in a motorhome less stressful.



Having a Quality Mattress

Ultimately, one of the best ways to ensure comfortable travel in a motorhome is a comfortable and reliable mattress. Having a mattress that holds up to the lengthy travel times that come with a motorhome is important.

You might be tempted to buy a cheap mattress to sleep on, but frankly, you should have the most comfortable mattress possible for your motorhome.

On those long holidays, having a quality mattress can make you feel that much more at home, letting you enjoy your holiday instead of worrying about what you are sleeping on at night.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to make sure your sleeping experience is the best possible one you can get while touring around in your motorhome or campervan.”

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