By Debbie Holden 29 Apr 2019 5 min read

Effective job hunting tips for mechanics


 pAre you searching for a new job? We wouldn’t be surprised, since 84% of professionals in the automotive industry told us they would be in 2019. 


We all know that a job search can be frustrating – but we do it for the end goal. To land the dream job we’ve always wanted.

While it is a great opportunity to transform your work life, searching for a new job is nothing short of lengthy. Bearing this in mind, we’ve put together the following guide for mechanics, our largest resource to date, to help you with your job search.

We want to ensure we’ve helped you during every step of your job search which is why we have combined a collection of our most popular resources for you to use as inspiration while you pursue your job seeking journey – with a few extra tips surrounding your interview, CV and cover letter.  

The Ultimate Job Hunting Guide for Mechanics includes the following sections which will help to push you in the right direction of finding your next big challenge: 



This section will help prepare you for your job search, providing advice on everything you will actually need (like a CV, a cover letter, a social media clean up etc.) before you start looking for new jobs.


Finding the perfect match 

This section provides you with tips you may not have known before reading this guide, like how to organise your job search, how to keep on track of applications you have made, interviews secured, companies you need feedback from etc.  


Searching for jobs

The ‘Searching for jobs’ section shows you some of the simplest ways to search for jobs, like how you can filter down your preferences on, sign up for email alerts to jobs or companies you are interested in and more.


Applying for jobs

This section focuses on the essentials of your application, like tailoring your CV to the job you want, preparing a detailed cover letter that is unique and eye-catching.


Preparing for job interviews

This section is really special. After some research, we put together a list of questions you could likely be asked during your mechanic’s interview, so that you can over-prepare and shine as soon as you walk through the door.


Post interview tips

From following up, to how you should approach a multiple job offer dilemma, to references and exit interviews, this section takes you through what’s next, post interview.