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How to get the job when you are the least qualified?

Finally, a job opening for your dream position has surfaced. Even though it is right there, practically pleading with you to apply, you decide not to apply due to your ineligibility.

The job posting requires years of experience and a specific skill you have not yet honed. Therefore, you feel that your application will fall short and probably will get lost in a pile of more-qualified applicants.

We suggest you apply anyhow. Seriously, why? According to the career development specialists, "managers frequently include everything they can think of in a job description; other times, they write lengthy lists of responsibilities and credentials only to make the job look more impressive than it is." One way to find out is to apply anyhow!

Even if you cannot check off all the essential certifications, you may still establish you are highly qualified and offer yourself a leg up. Learn how to escape the slush pile and get an interview from our career experts by reading this article. By following these tips on how to pass a job interview, you can certainly get and ace the job. 


Make good use of relevant keywords.

Most automotive companies and organisations use software to gather applications for job posts and then use an algorithm to determine which applications are the most pertinent to the job posting. The greater your relevance score, the more probable it is that the HR person will see your CV and offer you an interview. In order to boost the relevancy score, "look at the job ad and pluck out the terms that appear to be the most significant to the role." These can be particularly the first three requirements given in the qualifications section since they are the most crucial.

The experts suggest looking for words that are repeated several times. A word's significance to the position increases with its frequency. Once you have a list of ten keywords, incorporate them into the cover letter and CV you are using for your application, and then leave the rest to the algorithm.


Do not depend just on the job application.

Several career counsellors and qualified business coaches in the automotive industry UK claim that, in contrast to internet applications, you can get the job through strong professional contacts and networking. Work your network in addition to submitting your CV. "Find a comparable link to someone who works for that company." Search for connections of individuals who work for the company you want to pursue on LinkedIn.

Inform the person you want to connect with via cold email that you applied online but want to get your CV in front of the proper people. And keep trying. Once you receive a response, they advise you to keep emailing other corporate members. Companies are drawn to people with grit and tenacity.


Present yourself as someone who solves issues.

Everyone seeks a problem-solver, especially when they are looking for skilled automotive technicians. The whole automotive industry works on the ethos of problem-solving and satisfying the customer. Therefore, the industry experts advise automotive technicians to revamp their cover letters to present themselves as a problem solver. How do you manage it? "Do not make it the boring, typical style of cover letter. Include one when you send in your CV. Make the letter's remedy to the problem a single page long. Describe the issues you can resolve if you are employed in your cover letter. Make sure to thoroughly examine any potential issues with the position you are applying for and the company's pain points before addressing them in your cover letter. 

For instance, "Tell them that you have the required vehicle familiarity and substantiate your claim by giving an example or scenario where you are faced with a challenge regarding a vehicle glitch and how you fixed it successfully.


Demonstrate your special talents.

Prepare to pitch the experience and qualifications you have as assets to the position, the department, and the organisation, now that you have applied and established a relationship inside the company. In fact, you can also emphasise the skills and qualifications they are not seeking. Being unqualified can sometimes be advantageous. Because you do not have a lot of experience or strong beliefs about how things should be done, you can stand out from the competition by emphasising your unique background and skill set. Do not forget to mention your college degree, even if it is not in a relevant industry or if it took you longer than usual to complete. Any degree demonstrates your aptitude for developing and completing long-term goals.

Also, if you lack the required experience and/ or qualification, you can demonstrate that you are highly adaptable and a quick learner. These skills give the newbies an edge to learn faster and perform well on the job. Therefore, always put these on your CV and not just write them but prove with your actions that you are adaptable and a quick learner. These tips on how to pass the interview can help you get the job in no time. 


Acquire the necessary expertise.

Finally, The HR experts in the automotive industry advise that you should study any talents you feel are necessary to perform the duties of the position. There is no longer a justification for not learning a skill needed for a career, thanks to sites. Here you can find a list of skills required for automotive jobs. Once you get the list, you can start working on your skills. Then, "add the classes you are attending to gain the necessary abilities under the education area of your CV." By including this information in your education section, you demonstrate that you are a proactive go-getter while being upfront about the fact that you lack the necessary abilities at this time.
Chances are, by the time you land an interview, your course will be finished, and you will be able to tell the hiring manager that you took the course, especially for the position. And even if you don't land the position, you still gain knowledge that will aid you in moving forward with your job search.

Suppose that you are applying for an HGV driver. You are a pro driver, but you do not have any experience and skill required to drive an HGV. We suggest you to apply anyway. When you walk into the room, try to be confident. Upon asking, tell them that you may not have the required experience, but you have what it takes to be a good HGV driver. Tell them that you have good interpersonal skills and are fit mentally and physically. Demonstrate that you are responsible enough to work under minimal supervision. You have time management skills. As for the driving skills, persuade them that you are a fast learner and can easily adapt to the situation. Remember, this is how you pitch yourself; therefore, make sure that it better be good. You can be successful with this strategy on how to pass a job interview.    

By following these excellent tips on how to pass an interview, you can certainly ace your interview even when you are least qualified. Good Luck!

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