By Debbie Holden 14 Aug 2019 6 min read

A guide to job interview preparation


Preparing for a job interview can be somewhat daunting, especially if you are applying for your first job in the motor industry. It can be hard to determine which details are important to research, and what aren’t, sometimes adding to an already nerve-racking process.
However, with sufficient research you can put yourself in the best position possible, enabling you to answer questions confidently and impress your potential employer with your industry and company knowledge. 

Finding a Job

Before you can think about preparing for an interview, you probably need to be invited to one…
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Leaving research to last minute and attempting to cram information is not a recipe for a successful job interview. Instead give yourself a few days to absorb information and focus on each area one-by-one to avoid confusion. 

What to research:

Your potential employer – Demonstrating your knowledge of the company beyond the basics will stand you in good stead during the interview. Showing insight into the automotive industry and an idea of what changes the sector might face in the future will not only show you know your stuff, it can also spark discussion, creating a more relaxed interview environment. 
Knowing what projects the company has been involved in and outlining some of its main competitors also shows that you have a genuine interest in the role and shows real enthusiasm. 
Know the role – Know the job description inside out and make sure it is fresh in your memory for the interview. Explain how your skills, experience and qualifications are relevant and give examples of a couple of projects you have been part of that are applicable to the role you have applied for. 
Getting there – Before the morning of your interview it is important to know how you’re to get there to avoid being late. If you are driving, check your route and give yourself plenty of time. If you are using public transport then it is important to check timetables the day before and to get to the station early. It is also sensible to check the transport provider’s social media in case there are any planned strikes or disruption. 
Research Your Interviewers – 
Using the ‘Meet the Team’ page or LinkedIn it can be advantageous to do research on the person or people who are potentially interviewing you. Learning about a person’s professional interests and career history can help establish a connection, especially if you have followed a similar career path, or have worked for the same companies. 

Typical Interview Questions

Arguably the most important research you can do is to prepare for the questions you are likely to face, as having a pre-prepared answer can avoid unwanted pauses or ‘waffling’ – Insightful and concise answers are what the interviewers are looking for. 
Of course the interviewer could always throw in a curve-ball of a question which could catch you off guard but by putting in the time to search for likely questions online will you give you a better chance of avoiding any awkward moments. 

Make an Impression

Be punctual, this goes without saying, don’t be late for your interview. 
Dress smart, ensure your clothes are ironed, your shoes clean and your hair is tidy. Regardless of the job, it is always advised to look your best for an interview to show that you are willing to make the effort.
Bring a pen & notebook, your CV and any qualifications or work examples you feel could be of help. This shows initiative and organisation. A photo ID is also handy to have, as who knows? You could be offered the job there and then and the employer might need to scan your details into the system. 
Meet your interviewer with a firm handshake, maintaining a confident and enthusiastic demeanour. Sit in a natural position, make regular eye contact and try your best not to fidget.
Good luck with your interview, we hope these tips are beneficial and help jump-start your career in the automotive industry.