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Parts Advisor Jobs

Direct Employer Trade Parts Advisor - Mercedes-Benz Derby Inchcape United Kingdom £23,288 - £28,400
Direct Employer Parts Advisor - Jaguar Land Rover Kings Lynn Inchcape United Kingdom £23,287 - £28,000
Direct Employer Parts Advisor — Volkswagen Inchcape Macclesfield, Cheshire, North West £23,287 - £26,267
Direct Employer Parts Advisor — Mercedes-Benz Inchcape Loughborough, Leicestershire, East Midlands £23,286 - £26,287
Direct Employer Parts Advisor — Volkswagen Inchcape Chester, Cheshire, North West £23,288 - £25,088
Direct Employer Parts Advisor Inchcape Reading, Berkshire, South East £26,392 - £26,393
Direct Employer Parts Advisor Busseys Norwich, England, United Kingdom £20,280 - £22,380
Direct Employer Parts Advisor Busseys Norwich, England, United Kingdom £20,280 - £22,380
Direct Employer Parts Advisor Scania Doncaster, England, United Kingdom
Direct Employer Parts Advisor Scania Maidstone, England, United Kingdom

Frequently asked questions

In parts advisor jobs, you will get to undertake various tasks at once and help in the logistics process. These tasks include providing customer care services to different consumers, including giving them advice and helping them get the necessary parts of different automobiles.

The typical salaries of those who deal vehicle parts are somewhat average, but according to the nature and amount of work. The way by which you can move up the pay scale is through years of experience and dexterity in your work. The salary also varies depending on the region where you live and work.

In this profession of parts consultancy, you will be recruited on behalf of an automotive company or a business to deal with various tasks. These various tasks include taking parts orders, giving technical consultation, as well as providing customer care to the clients on the vehicle parts.

Before applying for parts advisor vacancies, you need to understand the precise nature of this job. As a parts advisor, you will need to give exceptional customer care services to the consumers of your company. You will have to act as a contact point between your company and the customers.

If you are wishing to apply for parts advisors vacancies, you must know that it includes various different tasks which include greeting and dealing with customers to conducting inspection tests on the automobiles. Go to InAutomotive and apply for the latest vehicle parts opportunities.


Parts Advisor Job Description 

If you are seeing job opportunities in the automotive industry, parts advisor jobs are one of the roles you can opt for. It is not one of those jobs that require a highly demanding educational background or intensive training. For the aspiring applicants, you only need to have as much as a high school diploma or an equivalent degree. After the required level of education, employers prefer a highly trained individual. There are several ways you can get this training. You can get enrolled in any of the related courses in automotive training centres. Or, you can get trained as you work during your job. This will prepare you and equip you with all the skills that are needed in your job. The parts advisor gives suggestions to the clients on the selection of appropriate parts for the vehicles.

Parts Advisor Job Responsibilities 

The parts advisor acts as a resource between clients who bring their vehicles into a car vendor for fix and the experts who offer types of assistance to the vehicle. As a parts consultant, you will be answerable for speaking with clients to figure out which fixes are important, submitting work requests to professionals, requesting required parts and gathering instalment after fixes are finished. These professionals work in the vehicle sales centres and in an office setting. You will also need to make sure that the vehicles are in their perfect condition and are in accordance with the safety rules and regulations. 

Skills Required For Building Parts Advisor Career

The employers in the automotive industry do not require the parts advisor job applicants to come from highly prestigious educational backgrounds. What they do seek, however, is the dexterity and personal attributes in their employees. These skills or personal attributes include excellent communication skills that will help you in coordinating the pertinent information between your company and its consumers. You need to have a sound knowledge of the automobile industry and have a natural aptitude in mechanics. You should be a good problem solver as your job often requires problem solving skills. Customer care services goes on without saying. Visit InAutomotive and explore the latest vehicle parts & logistics openings in the UK.