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Impact Protection Vehicle Driver Jobs

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£45,000 - £50,000 Marquis Leisure Guildford, Surrey, South East
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Direct Employer Vehicle Inspector Aston Barclay Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom

Frequently asked questions

An impact protection vehicle driver is a person who drives block vehicles like trucks and other automobiles. In impact protection vehicle driver jobs, you are required to drive on high speed roads. You will manage the protection of static temporary traffic.

Impact protection vehicle driver jobs require you to drive impact protection vehicles which are the vehicles that are used for road blocking for different purposes such as ground operative workforce as well as motorway maintenance work.

IPV stands for Impact Protection Vehicles in traffic management. The impact protection vehicle driver knows how to drive the IPV and is an expert in deploying the static traffic management system so that the overall flow is not obstructed.

Due to the rising demand of transportation and subsequent development of roads and road work, impact protection vehicle driver jobs offer a promising future. The aspirants need to be fully aware of all the risk assessment mechanisms. Visit InAutomotive and apply for the latest drivers jobs in the UK.

To become an impact protection vehicle driver, you need to do a training course from any certified provider in the UK and learn all the fundamentals needed for the job. There are various courses available but you should opt for the one that covers the theoretical and practical assessment.


Impact Protection Vehicle Driver Job Description 

In impact protection vehicle driver careers, you will need to only have a high school diploma for an educational background. You need to be in possession of a driver’s licence. You should have a background in driving heavy vehicles such as trucks. These drivers know how to drive the heavy impact vehicle to completely safeguard the ground staff involved in the construction process and keep the traffic flow running smoothly.

Impact Protection Vehicle Driver Job Responsibilities 

In impact protection vehicle driver jobs, you will need to undertake various tasks related to static temporary traffic management. You will need to drive vehicles that are used to block roads for the purpose of providing protection to both static temporary traffic management, as well as ground operating workforce and motorway maintenance. They adhere to all the safety guidelines and are also fully aware of the risk associated with the job. 

Skills Required For Building Impact Protection Vehicle Driver Career

The main skill that you need in impact protection vehicle driver jobs is good driving abilities. You need to have a driver’s licence in order to be eligible for the job. The vehicles that you will be driving are heavy so you need to have an exceptional experience and knowledge in heavy vehicle driving and traffic management. You can check out InAutomotive for more information about the IPV driver vacancies.