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HGV Technician Jobs

HGV Technician ACS Automotive Redhill, Surrey, South East £30,000 - £45,000
HGV Technician ACS Automotive Aylesford, Kent, South East £30,000 - £40,950
Commercial Vehicle Technician Colin Pybus Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire £30,000 - £34,000
HGV Technician Colin Pybus Dagenham, East London, London £30,000 - £33,000
Commercial Vehicle Technician Colin Pybus Stockport, Greater Manchester, North West £29,886 - £31,886
Direct Employer HGV Technician Scania Gatwick Road, Birmingham, West Midlands (County) £34,800 - £55,900
Direct Employer HGV Technician Scania Boston, England, United Kingdom £29,000 - £45,000
Direct Employer HGV Technician Scania Edinburgh, Scotland, UK £29,000 - £45,000
Direct Employer HGV Technician Scania Inverness, Scotland, UK £29,000 - £45,000
Direct Employer HGV Technician Scania Aberdeen, Scotland, UK £29,000 - £45,000

Frequently asked questions

Heavy Goods Vehicles mechanics are the technicians that oversee the different maintenance and repair aspects related to heavy vehicles that are used for distribution or hauling. In HGV technician jobs, you also work to make sure that the given vehicles are in compliance with all the safety rules and regulations.

If you want to start working in this profession, you might need to have a certain level of training. This training can be gained through an apprenticeship. The length of the time period of this apprenticeship might vary from one institution to another, but it usually takes about thirteen months.

In HGV technician jobs, the pay scale tends to be somewhere in the middle. The average salary for a heavy goods vehicle mechanic is usually a satisfactory number, but through expertise and experience, you can work your way up the pay scale.

HGV technician careers tend to be really rewarding ones that provide excellent customer care services. The starting point of your career might not be too extraordinary, but the situation can be improved through hard work and after gaining years of experience.

In order to build HGV technician careers, you won’t need to have any sort of formal education. A required level of training is demanded, however. Our site InAutomotive will provide you with all the information regarding HGV mechanics.


HGV Technician Job Description 

Before applying for HGV technician vacancies, you should know all about what it means to undertake this job. During your career as a heavy goods vehicle’s mechanic, you will need certain skills. These skills are taught and learned in specialised training centres. There is no degree or formal education required for this job. During your training, you will be taught different skills that will become helpful later on in your job. After gaining the required level of training and the completion of your course, you will be eligible for the job of a heavy goods vehicle mechanic. 

HGV Technician Job Responsibilities 

HGV mechanics are key supporters of the car business and are liable for the adjusting and fixes of heavy goods vehicles regularly utilised for conveyance and haulage. You will ordinarily need to embrace errands like support, diagnosing and tending to issues and offering specialised guidance. The work job requires expert abilities which requires a person to be technically sound to identify any problems in the heavy vehicles and fix them. After carrying out the repair and maintenance, they write down all the changes made in the vehicle and compile a detailed report.

Skills Required For Building HGV Technician Career

During your training course for the job of a heavy goods vehicle mechanic, you will be taught specific skills. In HGV technician jobs, these skills will be utilised. For example, you need to have an  exceptionally well mechanical aptitude and be adept in the management of heavy vehicles. You should have the ability to work alone, as well as in a team. Other than these skills, strong communication skills always help out a person in their work environment. A general knowledge about the maintenance of different vehicles is also necessary. Our site InAutomotive will provide you with the required skill set of a HGV technician