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Direct Employer Vehicle Technician Halfords Yorkshire, UK
Direct Employer Vehicle Technician Halfords Nottinghamshire, East Midlands, UK
Direct Employer MOT Tester Halfords Kent, South East, UK
Direct Employer Vehicle Technician Halfords Yorkshire, UK
Direct Employer MOT Tester Halfords Cornwall, South West, UK
Direct Employer Vehicle Technician Halfords London, UK
Direct Employer Vehicle Technician Halfords Essex, East, UK
Vehicle Technician Auto Skills UK Swindon, South West, UK £30,000 - £40,000
Vehicle Technician Auto Skills UK Dorset, South West, UK £30,000 - £40,000
Workshop Controller Auto Skills UK Salisbury, South West, UK £30,000 - £40,000

Frequently asked questions

A technician is responsible for repairing the automobiles and carrying out their servicing to ensure they are fit to drive. They also diagnose the malfunctioning in a vehicle and ensure there are no defects that impede its smooth operation. They work with all sorts of vehicles. Apply easily to vehicle technician jobs on InAutomotive with just a few clicks.

While there exist a number of overlapping aspects between the job of an automotive Technician and a Mechanic, there are some dissimilarities too. The main difference is that Mechanics are involved in the hands-on repair of the vehicle, while Automotive Technicians are more concerned with overseeing the technical work.

If you wish to apply to any available Technicians vacancies, you are needed to have the required skill set and technical knowledge. You can gain relevant experience through apprenticeship. But it’s important to have a high school diploma and some employers also ask for a driving licence.

Technicians careers have the potential of paying you off really well, both in terms of finances and personal growth. It usually depends upon different factors like the technical knowledge, their level of expertise or experience in the field, as well as their geographical region.

Those opting for the automotive technicians jobs perform all the maintenance and repair work on the vehicle. They keenly diagnose and identify the root cause that hinders the vehicle performance and take actions accordingly. Their work also includes changing oil, tuning the vehicle and inspecting the engine’s performance.


What are Technician Jobs Like 

In the automotive industry, a Technician is a person skilled in the technical expertise of automobiles. The exact jobs and duties of a Technician vary depending upon the rank and type of Technician, but in most of the cases Technicians are involved in the repair and maintenance of vehicles, hands-on repair and inspection. If you wish to apply to this job, you need to have a high school diploma, technical skills and knowledge.

Technicians Job Responsibilities 

While the exact nature of duties of Technicians vary, generally in the automotive industry, Technicians are concerned with the repair, modification, and maintenance of mechanical parts of vehicles. They run diagnostic tests, perform repairing procedures, and modify existing parts to make them up-to-the mark. They might work alone or with a team of workers. 

Skills Required For Building Technician Career

There are a lot of skills required in order to build a successful career as a Technician. A good Automotive Technician is expected to demonstrate the skills of a good Mechanical aptitude, assessment, attentiveness, and technical dexterity. If you have these skills, you can make it big in this field! Visit InAutomotive and apply to the latest vehicle technician jobs.