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£45,000 - £50,000 Marquis Leisure Guildford, Surrey, South East
Direct Employer
Direct Employer Fleet Sales Manager Adams Morey Southampton, Hampshire, South East

Frequently asked questions

Fleet sales managers manage and handle sales to maximise the profitability of fleet sales. They implement the sale processes ensuring the highest customer service standards. They work towards achieving the short-term and long-term sales goals for the department. They determine, manage and control a sales system that helps get repeat buyers and referrals.

Most employers ask for business or relevant degrees and automotive sales experience for fleet sales manager jobs. Understanding of the consumer market influences is also required for the role. You need to have the ability to analyse and interpret commercial data, advanced computer literacy, excellent communication, and negotiation skills to be eligible for the position.

The average per annum salary for fleet sales manager vacancies varies depending on the employer, job description, experience required, and other factors. The position is among the well-paid ones in the fleet and the sales managers are offered benefits like car schemes, paid holidays, performance commission or bonuses, healthcare and more.

If you long to pursue your career in automotive sales and have an interest in fleet vans and other automobiles, you will love the work. The job has promising prospects as you get to work with renowned industry employers and can make good money by helping a company generate more revenue through smart sales strategies.

Currently, there are many openings for fleet sales managers by different automotive companies. The employment opportunities for this role are likely to increase in the coming years, so if you want to work in the fleet sales department there are bright chances of getting hired. Take a look at the recently advertised vacancies by popular employers on InAutomotive!


Fleet Sales Manager Job Description

Fleet sales managers primarily manage the retail fleet sales while focusing on the sales goals and ensuring that customers are offered service excellence. They have to coach and inspire the team to meet their objectives. They work towards improving the profitability of the department by laying out financing and dealer options. They work towards achieving the set sales targets. They need to keep an update on the new fleet market trends, competitor activities, and pricing. Managing the departmental funds effectively is also in the fleet sales manager job description. The managers can be asked to coordinate with the HR department for recruiting staff when and if required. 

Fleet Sales Manager Job Responsibilities 

The key responsibilities of fleet sales managers include devising and implementing the sales processes adhering to the customer satisfaction standards. They have to coordinate with the customer care department to ensure the sales and after-sales experience is gratifying and delightful for the existing and new clients. They are required to review the new vehicle sales order and to ensure it gets qualifies for acceptance. Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with other departments is also the responsibility of fleet sales managers. They work with the service manager in determining new vehicle prep standards and provide feedback to the sales team on an ongoing basis. 

Skills Required to Build Fleet Sales Manager Careers 

Good communication skills both verbal and written are required for the job as it involves coordinating with the staff within and outside the department. Critical and analytical thinking will help with developing sales strategies and systems that help the team to achieve their goals. Organisation and time management skills will come in handy for managing the tasks, following schedules, and keeping a track of monthly and yearly sales targets. Negotiation and people skills are a must for the position and so are leadership and administrative qualities. InAutomotive brings you the ease to apply for your desired marketing, sales, or any other fleet job without having to fill long information forms!