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Showing 25 jobs

Casual Driver Jobs

Direct Employer Driver Busseys Fakenham, England, United Kingdom
Direct Employer DRIVER / BRANCH MAINTENANCE Scania United Kingdom £30,000 - £32,000
Direct Employer FLT Driver Expect Distribution Bradford, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire £20,182 - £23,182
Direct Employer Customer Service Agent Redde Northgate Cheshire, North West, UK £20,000 - £25,000
Direct Employer Driver Marshall Motor Group Wells, England, United Kingdom
Direct Employer Driver Marshall Motor Group Cardiff, Wales, UK
Direct Employer Parts Driver Marshall Motor Group United Kingdom
Direct Employer Customer Delivery Agent- Part Time Redde Northgate Kent, South East, UK
Direct Employer Service Delivery Driver Redde Northgate Yorkshire, UK £20,000 - £25,000
Direct Employer Customer Delivery Agent Redde Northgate Grimsby, Lincolnshire, East Midlands £20,000 - £25,000

Frequently asked questions

Casual driver jobs are for those individuals who drive other people’s automobiles as a part time job. As the name implies, the nature of their job is not intensive and they are not bound to any one employer.

The casual driver should possess a valid driving licence along with the ability to drive the vehicle without any hurdles. They also possess excellent communication skills and use them to interact with the customers and deliver orders to them.

To apply for the casual driver vacancies, you need to get a valid driver’s licence and learn the ways of driving vehicles in harsh weather conditions so that you can deliver the orders timely to the customers. To get the licence, it’s important to pass the driving test with a distinction.

It’s neither easy nor hard to become a casual driver. All you need to do is polish the driving skills and bring the element of time management to work. If you possess sound driving skills and love to be on the roads, then this job is for you.

The casual driver transports clients as well as their packages from one location to another. They ensure timely delivery of the packages and possess great customer service skills. Their responsibilities also include interacting with the clients and solving their delivery concerns.


Casual Driver Job Description 

As can be inferred from the nature of the job, the job of casual drivers does not require highly educated individuals. You only need a driver’s licence to do this job. Most people do it as a part time job.  The casual drivers interact with the customers on a daily basis and are confident in their skills and abilities. They deliver the vehicles to the customers or any other desired location on time. After the delivery process, they hand over vehicles to the customers in a professional manner. Go to InAutomotive and apply for the latest drivers vacancies in the UK.

Casual Driver Job Responsibilities 

The job responsibility of a casual driver is to properly and safely drive the vehicles of their employers. They also need to be punctual and fair in their dealings with their employers. These drivers work for the automotive firms and carry out the deliveries on the adhoc basis. They load and unload the luggage into the vehicle and take help of the navigation system to deliver the parcel to the exact destination. They fulfill the administrative tasks and compile a contingency plan for bad weather and change of route.

Skills Required For Building Casual Driver Career

There are not very demanding skills needed in the job of casual drivers. You should be in possession of a driver’s licence, and have the ability to safely drive the vehicles. You need to be punctual and you should also have a good work ethic. Excellent communication and time management skills is a must as you need to interact with the clients, satisfy their needs and deliver the orders on time. They are also technically shrewd and know how the vehicle operates. After using the vehicle, they also report any mechanical problems that surface during the driving. Explore the latest casual driver jobs on InAutomotive