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            Senior Parts Advisor
            Senior Parts Advisor Link Personnel
            St Albans, England, United Kingdom
            Full time
            £30,000 - £35,000
            18 days ago
            Senior Parts Advisor
            Senior Parts Advisor Square Peg Square Hole Recruitment Ltd
            Cowes, Isle of Wight, England
            Full time
            £35,500 - £35,501
            20 days ago
            Senior Parts Advisor
            Senior Parts Advisor Jago Consultants
            Slough, England, United Kingdom
            Full time
            £30,000 - £40,000
            27 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            A senior parts advisor oversees the matters that are related to parts & logistics such as keeping track of the vehicle parts stock, selling the required parts to different customers, giving advice to the customers on the selection of the right vehicle component and much more.

            The salary of senior parts advisors tends to vary depending upon their geographical region and their employers. They usually earn somewhat decently in most regions of the world. Due to the seniority in rank, they also enjoy other benefits such as insurance and bonuses.

            For becoming a parts advisor, you will need to have a minimum of a high school diploma, as well as some experience through some apprenticeship. Extensive training and work experience in the automotive industry is a must and you need to have complete knowledge of vehicle parts.

            The future of senior parts advisor jobs is promising taking into consideration the fact that the demand for transportation is rising day by day. The scope of jobs in the parts & logistics industry is vast and you can land your dream job provided you have the technical skills and passion to grow.

            Senior parts advisor profession is a good option to opt for in the automotive industry for those individuals who are experts in the vehicle and trading of their parts. Visit InAutomotive and find out more about the newly posted parts advisor positions.


            Senior Parts Advisor Job Description

            To get senior parts advisor jobs, there are certain requirements that need to be met. For example, most employers prefer at least a minimum of a high school degree. After completing your degree, you can get the required experience and the skills through an apprenticeship. This will make you equipped and fit for the job. These parts advisors order the supply of vehicle parts for the auto care centre and the dealership. They also give valuable advice to the customers on the parts. 

            Senior Parts Advisor Job Responsibilities 

            Those who work as the parts advisor take on all the responsibilities that pertain to the parts and logistics department. Their job responsibilities include interacting with the customers and tracking the supply of parts as well as the inventory. Keeping digital track by recording the data regularly, giving customers information about the stock, delivering the stock to the customers, as well as raising invoices for sold stock are also their duties.  

            Skills Required For Building Senior Parts Advisor Career

            You will need certain skills such as excellent communication skills that will help you deal with the clients, good customer care services to satisfy your customers, problem solving skills, and a good knowledge about stock management and vehicle layout. The parts advisor should hold complete grip on the latest industry trends and guide the customers appropriately. Visit InAutomotive and find out the latest parts and logistics vacancies.