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            Corporate Sales Development Manager
            Corporate Sales Development Manager ACS Automotive
            Hatfield, England, United Kingdom
            Full time
            £40,000 - £80,000
            5 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            A fleet manager job description involves undertaking many different tasks at once. This means that during your fleet manager careers, you will get to oversee all the aspects related to automotive vehicles such as their maintenance and compliance to safety rules, as well as dealing with the drivers of these vehicles.

            If you are thinking about applying to fill the fleet manager vacancies, you should know that its pay scale is somewhat broad and depends upon many factors. These factors include expertise, years of experience, as well as your education and geographical region. You can be in the top ten percent, or the bottom ten percentile – depending on your skills.

            The fleet manager careers can be one of the most interesting and even financially rewarding one, but as is the case with other jobs, you have to face certain challenges and difficulties. Sometimes, you have to work your way up the pay scale, but sometimes you can get employed in a generous employment right from the start.

            For applicants wishing to apply for this post, you are required to have a bachelor of science’s degree in any of the relevant fields. You can even have an associate’s degree in business-related disciplines. After the education, you need to get special training from certified training institutes.

            As is the case with every other job, building fleet manager careers requires a specially trained and skilled individual. First and foremost is the customer care skills, along with knowledge of transportation and management skills. Visit InAutomotive and apply for the latest fleet manager jobs.


            Fleet Manager Job Description 

            Before applying for fleet manager vacancies and getting into this field, you should know all that this job encompasses. To get a job in this field, you need special education and training. The education is a minimum of associate’s degree in any of the related fields of logistics, accounting, business management etc. Most of the time, a bachelor of science’s degree is preferred by the employers in the respective fields. After the completion of your education, you have to gain hands-on experience with all that you have learned. This is done through your training in special training schools. During your training, you will gain certifications and the respective experience that will be useful during your career as a fleet manager. 

            Fleet Manager Job Responsibilities 

            Fleet manager jobs can be one of the most interesting ones, but it is equally challenging and requires a high level of finesse. During your career as a fleet manager, you will be responsible for many different tasks, but the most fundamental principle is to manage the logistics of a safe and reliable transport. Fleet managers are the leaders of a team of drivers, and look after different affairs like overseeing the routine maintenance, making sure that all the routine procedures are running perfectly and the vehicles are in perfect position, recruiting new staff members such as drivers, supervising the personnel and driver performance etc. You also need to make sure that the vehicles are compliant to all the safety rules and regulations. 

            Skills Required For Building Fleet Manager Career

            This job requires a highly qualified and skilled person who can perform all the different tasks of this job perfectly. A fleet manager should be familiar with all the customer care services. They should have a strong grip over the knowledge of transport and business management. There are many other skills that will be useful during your career as a fleet manager, but the most important ones are the ability to multitask, diversity, and inclusivity. You should be creative in your job, as such jobs often require creative thinking to solve problems. You should have good leadership skills too. Go to InAutomotive and explore all the fleet opportunities available.