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Which electric car is the best?


Last year, Boris Johnson announced that new cars and vans would be powered by electric sooner rather than later. In fact, by 2030, petrol and diesel will not be sold in the UK, as part of what Boris Johnson called the ‘green industrial revolution.’

As such, car companies are adding new electric cars into their line of vehicles quicker than anticipated.

When it comes to speed, agility, power, and – most importantly – comfort, which electric car is the best to get?
This article will show you 5 of the best electric city cars that will be a permanent fixture on our city streets very soon.


Peugeot e-208

“The Peugeot e-208 is one of several PSA Group compact all-electric vehicles to be introduced in 2020,” says Chris Esquivel, a journalist at PhD Kingdom and Next Coursework. “Its most appealing assets are its price and its physical appearance.

If drivers want their money’s worth in a vehicle, then the Peugeot qualifies as a good investment. If drivers are looking for appeal in an electric car, the Peugeot has the luxury and the electric-motor-enabled ‘zip’ that they seek.”


Skoda Citigo-e iV

Launched in 2020, the Citigo-e iV is the most obtainable and comfortable car for city dwellers. The Citigo-e iV offers a brisk urban performance for drivers, thanks to inspiration and direction from its parent company Volkswagen.

Since Volkswagen’s mission to make a big switch to electric vehicles, the Citigo-e iV comes in two specs so far: the basic SE and the premium SE L. The former requires that you visit public fast-charging points to give you an 80% charge in one hour. The latter offers a Combined Charging System as your standard option.


Mini Electric

Despite its concept running through the minds of potential buyers and spectators, the Mini has been a long-time pioneer in the electric car market. However, due to its marketing efforts and technological advances, the Mini is finally gaining the momentum that it has sought in the most recent years.

The most unique feature of the Mini Electric is the “fun factor.” It’s a casual driver’s dream come true with its ease in manoeuvring and interior comfort. With a healthy 181bhp and 199 lb. ft. of torque, the Mini can outperform most electric vehicles (if you’re comparing electric cars so far on this list). Made to impress, this vehicle has the agility and durability that many electric cars are looking for.



“The SEAT Mii is the first and only electric car in the SEAT series so far,” says Richard Franklin, a writer at Origin Writings and Brit Student. “As one of the pioneers in the future of electric vehicles, the car has a rapid standard charge, which is very helpful for people who travel large distances for, say, a road trip.

So, if you need a car that charges right away, and is comfortable for longer commutes like travel, then go with the SEAT Mii.”


Vauxhall Corsa-e

Finally, the so-called sibling to the Peugeot e-208, Vauxhall’s Corsa-e is definitely worth the test drive, if you’re in the market for an electric car. Despite the Peugeot’s more appealing and satisfying feel, the Corsa-e still pleases with its handsome appearance – inside and out.

Despite its competition with the 4 vehicles discussed in this article so far, the Corsa-e still has a great driving experience that many drivers crave from traditional makes and models.

So, if you’re looking for a ride that comes close to the Peugeot e-208, then the Corsa-e is for you. With an efficient battery range of 180 miles, and a comfortable ride no matter what you’re doing, the Corsa-e has the power and comfort you need.


Article submitted by George J. Newton. George is a writer and editor at Write my dissertation. As a business development manager, he oversees business operations in various start up companies.


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