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How to foster trust with potential leads in the automotive industry


Establishing trust with customers is challenging because every lead looks a little different. They all have various needs, wants, and interests. For salespeople to appeal to a customer’s needs, they have to exercise patience and prudence. Here are seven ways to display those qualities and how to build trust with leads.

  • Listen to Their Problems

The hallmark of a trustworthy salesperson is the ability to patiently listen to customers’ problems. Instead of pursuing a sales pitch from the get-go, let the conversation flow where it may. Allow the customer to express their thoughts and concerns. You will learn more about their needs and might find an opportunity to make the sales pitch more organically.


Letting the customer steer the conversation shows you care about their needs, not just their money. Everyone appreciates a good listener.


  • Ask Thoughtful Questions

Sprinkle thoughtful questions into your interactions with the potential buyer. Ask them about their lifestyle, previous vehicles they owned, and other information that will help you better understand their needs. These questions will keep the customer engaged and show that you want to find them the right vehicle, not just any vehicle.


One popular strategy salespeople use is asking questions that only have positive answers. “Would it be better if…?” and other such open-ended questions will make your customers feel more hopeful about finding their dream vehicle.


  • Be a Consultant First

To build trust with leads, you must be a consultant first and a salesperson second. Show off your vehicular expertise and give your customers helpful tips so they can make a more informed decision. Tell them what they should look for and go in-depth with advice about potential scams they might encounter, adjacent to buying a car. 


As your interaction with them continues, they will begin to see you as an honest and helpful individual instead of just another salesperson.


  • Create Valuable Content

You should also offer wise advice through your online content. Extend a helping hand to your target audience on social media, write blogs and articles with relevant information, and produce comprehensive walkthrough videos of your dealership. Give your customers something of value to build your reputation as a trustworthy source of information.


  • Use Client Testimonials

Your word as a salesperson can only get you so far. You also need to show indisputable evidence of your expertise. Client testimonials provide concrete examples of your successful sales and show people what to expect from their buying experience. The more your customers learn about you from external sources, the better. Let your work speak for itself!


  • Leverage FOMO When Appropriate

Many salespeople use the fear of missing out (FOMO) to help customers who get cold feet when finalising a sale. But you can also use FOMO to build trust in the early stages. If you feel a potential client’s interest waning, establish a sense of urgency with hard facts. Remind them that vehicle purchases are significant investments, and they need to take the search seriously.


Leveraging FOMO in the right situations tells leads that their search ends with you. You have all of the knowledge and resources at your fingertips to help them find their dream car.


  • Express Your Trust First

Last but not least, simply tell potential leads that you trust their judgement. Demonstrating your trust first will encourage them to reciprocate. Psychologists call this tactic the Pygmalion effect.


In a vendor/buyer relationship, positive reinforcement is a powerful tool that works both ways. As the vendor, you must take the initiative. Express your faith in the client first, and you’re already halfway to building a healthy base of mutual trust.


Trust Is Earned

If you want to know how to build trust with leads, you must understand that trust is earned. It won’t happen overnight. Steadily lay the foundations with organic conversation, both in-person and online. Ask thoughtful questions and give them valuable feedback. Instill a sense of urgency, put the customer in the driver’s seat, and let their trust grow.


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