By Debbie Holden 23 Jul 2019 5 min read

Tyre Maintenance for Fleets


Looking for ways to run your fleet more cost-effectively? A new and improved tyre maintenance could be the answer…


Making Tyre Maintenance a Priority 

According to figures from Fleet News Magazine, approximately one-third of a fleet’s annual maintenance budget goes on tyres. The reason many fleets invest so much time, money and effort into tyre maintenance is because it can help make daily operations safer, smoother and more cost-effective. 


The Business Benefits of Tyre Maintenance 

For fleets, money is lost every minute that their vehicles are off the road. The costs of vehicle downtime can quickly add up, Element Fleet estimate that downtime can cost a fleets an average of $448 – $760 per day, per vehicle. Putting a comprehensive tyre maintenance policy in place can help to prevent vehicle downtime, resulting in significant savings and increased efficiency. 


How Tyre Maintenance Supports Health & Safety

In addition to saving money and minimising downtime, a good tyre maintenance programme also bolsters employee health and safety. It’s important to prioritise the safety of personnel over everything else, and for fleets this means making sure that vehicles are in top condition. Appropriate vehicle inspection and maintenance programmes can go a long way to detect and prevent potentially dangerous tyre issues. Taking the time to ensure that your vehicles are fitted with roadworthy tyres can help reduce the risk of road accidents and breakdowns. 


Discover More

If you are interested in learning more about the subject of tyre maintenance for fleets, then you should check out the below infographic from the team at First Aid Wheels. This informative guide highlights how implementing a tyre maintenance policy can contribute towards greater fleet efficiency, reduced vehicle downtime, and enhanced driver safety. It also offers some guidance on employee training around key tyre checks and vehicle roadworthiness.