By Debbie Holden 26 Nov 2018 6 min read

Top 10 most unreliable used cars 2018


The ten most unreliable cars you can buy on the market today have been revealed.

The findings came from a number of key indicators, including the numbers of claims against faults and how much each car costs.

A spokesman for Warranty Wise, who conducted the research, said: “This data is derived from real cases and genuine warranty claims making it the most trustworthy information a used car buyer can get.

“We are not suggesting, by any means, that these problems are guaranteed to occur, but it is the sole reason a warranty exists.”

According to The Mirror, the most reliable brand is the Honda with a 98% reliability rating- whilst Seat is the least reliable with 79%.

The list below shows the results:



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10. Renault Clio

One of the most common cars on UK roads, the Renault Clio is susceptible to big electrical faults and ignition coil problems.

The most expensive common problem is gearbox faults, which can cost on average £672 to repair.



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9. Fiat 500

Prone to fiat problems, according to The Mirror. The Italian car also reportedly suffers with problems regarding suspension, electrical and clutch faults.



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8. Seat Ibiza

Popular with UK motorists, Warranty Wise reported the most common problems involving the engine, costing motorists around £840. Other faults include the ignition coil, turbo faults and gearbox faults, which all cost more than £100 to repair.



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7. Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is one of the UK’s most iconic cars, yet they have a number of issues that do not result in mini costs. The most common problem with the Mini Cooper is a clutch fault, which typically sets motorists back £414.

Costly issues including gearbox or engine failures will also set you back £858, and it only takes around one and a half years before the problems arise.



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6. Mercedes Benz C-class

It’s not cheap to buy, and it’s not expensive to fix either. The most common fault with the Mercedes Benz C-class involves an electrical fault, which costs around £372 to fix.

Other common problems include sensor faults, engine faults and issues with the alternator. However, it takes around 10 years before the problems start to surface.



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5. Vauxhall Astra

Very popular among UK motorists behind the Corsa, common warranty claims involve gearbox issues, which can cost more than £1,000 to fix. Engine faults are another issue, costing around £600 to repair. It normally takes around 9 years to see these issues arise.



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4. Peugeot 207

French manufacturer Peugeot has a reputation for unreliability.

The most common fault with the car includes engine problems, faults with cylinder head gasket, clutch faults, electrical faults and gearbox faults. The priciest issue is usually engine faults, which can cost around £816. But it normally takes around a decade before the problems begin to show.




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3. Vauxhall Insignia

Vauxhall’s second entry, Warranty Wise stated that the biggest problem with the Insignia involve steering, which can cost around £276 to repair. Other common faults include engine and gearbox faults, which usually take around 7 years to pile up.



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2. Vauxhall Zafira

Third entry for Vauxhall, the Zafira has been subject to various recalls caused mainly by replacement parts. The most common fault with the car is down to problems with the gearbox, which can cost a staggering £1000 to repair. 



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Number 1…Range Rover Sport

Reported as the most unreliable cars on the market, Warranty Wise claims the most common fault with the Range Rover Sport is its suspension, which on average costs around £540 to repair. Alternator problems are common, as well as brake faults, and it can take around 9 years for these problems to build up.