By Debbie Holden 31 Jul 2018 5 min read

The electric cars paving the way to an eco-friendly world


Electric cars are growing increasingly more popular in the UK, and with manufacturers planning to launch new models over the next year, the market is expected to grow in diversity and competition.

As UK drivers consider the switch to electric, manufacturers are launching a host of new models and variants to accommodate the demand, in a push to move away from low-zero emissions travel.

Charging an electric car is considerably cheaper than filling up a tank of petrol or diesel, which will result in annual savings. The switch is also proven to be more environmentally friendly.  

Earlier this month, AA published an poll which suggested half of young drivers want an electric car. The survey, which was conducted by Populus and questioned more than 10,000 British drivers, found that concerns over charging availability, battery range and price are still deterring drivers from switching to electric.

However, it also found that for younger drivers, the issues were not a huge concern. Some 50% of those aged between 25 and 34 said they would like to own an electric car, the highest of any age group. Just 25% of those aged over 65 felt the same way. Overall, 31% of those polled said they would like to own an electric car.

Below, we take a look at the best options around today, courtesy of Express:


Renault Zoe – won’t empty the pockets

The Renault Zoe is a smart-looking vehicle with a hi-tech interior. It has been ranked at the best budget EV. It’s one of the cheaper options on offer, and can also be purchased on a deal where you lease the battery from Renault, further reducing the cost.


Tesla Model S – ideal for lengthy travel

This EV boasts a serious performance and clever interior technology, as well as a 17-inch touchscreen in the front. A single charge can get you almost 400 miles – ideal if you’re travelling a lot through the week.


BMW i3 – aspirational features

Equipped with plenty of speed and fun handling, the i3 comes with a rather premium price tag, but it’s well worth the cash. This is a truly aspirational EV with a smooth, innovative design.


Volkswagen e-Golf – understated

A similar design to it’s non-electric counterpart. The e-Golf boasts the same features, including high quality, family car practicality and a sophisticated driving experience – with the added bonus of zero exhaust pollutants. Other features include blue-tinted headlights and a different front grille.


Nissan Leaf – The best Britain’s own

Built in Sunderland, the British-built Leaf was the first EV to convince many people that it was something to consider – and now there’s another.

Boasting an improved battery, more power, bigger range and better affordability, it’s the perfect option for the middleweight buyer.