By Debbie Holden 28 Jul 2014 7 min read

Latest Car Technology for 2015

2014 has proven to be a pretty exciting year so far with regards to car manufacturers pushing the boundaries. Porsche introduced the 918, the world’s first hybrid supercar. Then we had Mclaren and Ferrari following suit with their F1 and Enzo successors, the P1 and the LaFerrari (both hybrid).

What I like most about these releases is the tech that is introduced alongside the cars, all 3 of these have revolutionary technology that will one day be mass produced and undoubtedly be introduced into the business saloons and more day-to-day vehicles of tomorrow.

However, we’ll be waiting a while for this technology to be introduced to the mass market, which is why I also look to the latest iterations of the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series and the Audi A8. All of these models bring something new to the table in terms of technological advancements, it has also been rumoured that the manufacturers are so keen to introduce the new technology that they are willing to make a loss on these models in the hope of paving the way for the new business saloons such as the A4, 3-Series and C Class. I’ll never forget the day I first witnessed a TV in a car. This car was the 1999 S-Class, a luxurious saloon that was to compete alongside the Bentleys and the Rolls Royce’s.

So, if like me you’re dying to know what these three car manufacturers are introducing/ have already introduced, then look no further.

2014 Mercedes S-Class

Confirmed Features:

  • Brand new central display unit comprising of two 12.3” displays, these displays eradicate the need for a speedometer and rev counter.
  • Magic Body Control: this feature reads the road ahead and adjusts settings accordingly. If there is a pothole coming up, no need to worry as the S-Class will adjust its suspension in preparation (even in the dark).
  • 360 degree cameras and assist-park to help you get into those tight spaces.
  • Massage seats!
  • Rechargeable scent diffuser in the glove compartment offering four different fragrances: Sports, Nightlife, Downtown and Freeside.
  • Distronic Plus Steering Assistance System: As close as you’ll get to autonomous driving (for now). Locks onto the car in front in order to maintain distance.
  • The new S-Class’s suspension also allows the car to lean into corners at high-speed in order to make it more aerodynamic/ efficient.



2015 Audi A8

Confirmed Features: 

  • Massaging front and rear seats.
  • Rear seat entertainment system from Bang & Olufsen with 2 10” screens.
  • In-car internet connectivity with Google Maps and Google Earth featuring in depth panoramic views and 3D high resolution satellite images.
  • Night vision and pedestrian & animal detection system.



2016 BMW 7-Series

Rumored Features:

  • Plug-in/ hybrid technology taken from their i3 & i8.
  • ‘Laser headlights’
  • Auto parking
  • Autonomous driving assistance
  • Harman Kardon partnership to offer full WiFi capabilities, downloadable apps, 3D maps with real-time traffic and weather updates and even more integration with the iPhone.



It’s a well known fact that the media systems in cars are years behind in terms of usability, that’s why it’s so great that Apple is getting involved with it’s new ‘CarPlay’ function which will allow for more integration between the iPhone and all new models of Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

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