By Debbie Holden 12 Mar 2020 7 min read

Job hotpoints for the UK automotive industry


You might be put off applying for jobs if you think there aren’t too many jobs around for you, but that there is alot of competition in your niche. You should never convince yourself out of applying for a better opportunity, but it’s easy to avoid applying for jobs if you think you don’t stand much chance.

Our 2018-19 annual report however, has highlighted the areas which are inundated with automotive vacancies that need to be filled, presenting career prospects to you in your area so you can apply with confidence.


Job hotpoints

Our job hotpoint statistics reveal which areas in the UK a job seeker is most likely to find new career opportunities in the motor industry.

The following data shows which areas have had the most jobs posted on InAutomotive, indicating that job seekers are in high demand. We also look at which areas have shown the most growth in terms of job opportunities over the last year.

Hotpoints for motor jobs in the UK in 2018-19


North West

Jobs in the North West of England saw a moderate level of growth in 2019 – with a 14.36% increase, the area saw in excess of 8,000 jobs posted last year.

This indicates that the amount of opportunities for people working within the automotive industry in the North West was already high and the sector is growing further.



According to our analysis, motor jobs in Yorkshire failed to make the top six leader board in terms of growth and saw less than 4,000 jobs posted last year.

This is significantly less activity than the North West over the same period and suggests that Yorkshire is one of the most limited areas in the country in terms of automotive career opportunities.


East Midlands

Jobs in the East Midlands were between the 4,001-5,000 range in terms of the number of job postings on the website last year, like Yorkshire, it also failed to make the leader board in terms of growth in the industry.


West Midlands

Jobs in the West Midlands saw more job postings in 2019 than its Eastern counterpart with over 6,000 jobs but was also one of the country’s under performers in terms of growth.


Scotland & Wales

Motor jobs in Scotland & Wales saw strong growth of almost 16.6% & 17.6%, respectively last year, but saw one of the lowest number of jobs posted on last year. This shows that the number of opportunities in both countries is on the lower end of the scale but the numbers are improving.



Motor job opportunities in London fell into the same 6,001 – 7,000 bracket as the West Midlands in terms of the amount of job vacancies posted on our website, but it blew the West Midlands out of the water in terms of growth, with a massive 51.31%.

This indicates that automotive jobs are plentiful in the capital, as expected, and the number of opportunities is on the rise.


East Anglia

Motor jobs in East Anglia saw the highest growth in the country, with an impressive 58.65%, the area also ranked amongst the highest in terms of advertised vacancies with 10,001 – 15,000 vacancies posted in 2019.

Our analysis shows that East Anglia is a real hot point in terms of automotive opportunities and could be a great option for someone working in the industry with the freedom to relocate too.


South West

Jobs in the South West was another strong performer in our analysis, showing 19.53% growth and over 9,000 jobs posted last year.


South East

Motor jobs in the South East led the way in terms of job postings with over 15,000 vacancies advertised on InAutomotive last year. The area was also one of the top performers in the previous year as it failed to make the top six in terms of annual growth, suggesting the area is a consistent hot bed in terms of careers in the industry.


In summary

The above analysis illustrates that the highest number of career opportunities can be found in the south of England with the sector continuing to grow over the last twelve months. The areas which rank amongst the lowest in terms of the amount of available jobs is Yorkshire, the East Midlands, Scotland and Wales.

London and the North West sit in the middle of the list in terms of available positions, but both show promising growth.

In terms of overall growth, combined with the number of vacancies, East Anglia is statistically the best area in the UK in terms of landing a job within the automotive industry, however, you can see the areas where there are an influx of jobs too.

You can search for the latest automotive jobs in 2020 on InAutomotive using our easy to use search function, allowing you to filter your job hunt by location and category type. We hope this article has been helpful in terms of determining which areas could be worth pursuing in your search for a new career.