By Debbie Holden 20 Mar 2020 5 min read

Jaguar Land Rover suspends production amidst coronavirus


Birmingham Live has announced that Jaguar Land Rover has shut every site in the country amidst the coronavirus outbreak.


The group’s sites at Solihull, Bromwich and Halewood will cease operations until at least the week commencing 20th April.


The news comes just hours after news that BMW, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Vauxhall had already closed their plants in the UK.


A company statement said: “In light of the ongoing coronavirus situation, Jaguar Land Rover has confirmed that it will temporarily suspend production at its UK manufacturing facilities over the course of next week,”


“The company’s intention is to resume in the week of 20 April, subject to review of the rapidly-changing circumstances.”


“As a responsible business, Jagaur Land Rover is operating in line with advice from the NHS and Public Health England.”


JLR says it is “minimising the spread of the coronavirus, while implementing plans ton safeguard its business continuity.


“The company will work towards an orderly return to production once conditions permit,” the firm adds.


JLR said: “The company’s joint venture plant in China reopened in the week of 24 February as life begins to get back to normal in the country.


“Although the company’s focus must be on its business and responsibility to employees, Jaguar Land Rover is doing whatever it can to support its communities through the current situation.


“The company’s thoughts are with those directly affected by COVID-19 and with the healthcare professionals, whose role in combating this virus is appreciated by all”.


Bentley has also suspended operations in Crewe for four weeks.


Image credit: Jaguar Land Rover media centre