By Debbie Holden 25 Sep 2018 7 min read

Google’s Android to feature in millions of vehicles

Google will partner up with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi to power the next generation of infotainment systems.

Executives from the auto alliance told Wall Street Journal that their decision to partner with Google was driven by the fact that many of their customers are already familiar with applications such as Google Maps. Drivers often choose to use these apps instead of the software developed by vehicle manufacturers.

Using the new infotainment systems, drivers will be able to access Google Maps, applications from Google Play Store, as well as using voice commands via Google Assistant. This is especially effective, as voice commands could be used to answer texts, make calls, select media, manage vehicle functions and find information hands-free while driving.

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi will begin incorporating Google’s technology into vehicles by 2021 and the alliance expects to sell over 14 million cars in 2022.

The new infotainment system is part of the Alliance 2022 mid-term plan, which involves the launch of 12 new electric vehicles, autonomous driving technologies and the rollout of the Alliance Intelligent Cloud. The Cloud, with secure connectivity, will enable the infotainment systems to update ‘over-the-air’.

In a statement, the auto alliance said that the new system will be “one of the most intelligent” on the market. It will also be compatible with Apple iOS, naming the system attractive to a wider group of customers.

Senior Vice President of Business Development at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Hadi Zablit, said: “Our partnership with Google will offer owners of our vehicles rich user experiences that are currently available only outside the vehicle or, to a limited extent, by connecting an Android device to supported vehicles. We are building a powerful connected and seamless on-board / off-board experiences into our vehicles in addition to the features of Google applications and services that many users are accustomed to”.

Volvo has also said that its next infotainment system will run on Google’s Android OS and Audi already has Google Maps as an option on its Audi Connect system.

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