By Debbie Holden 11 Feb 2019 5 min read

Forbes reveals important Digital Transformations in Automotive for 2019


Forbes has revealed their predictions for the top 5 digital transformations for the automotive sector in 2019.


The article reveals the trends it believes will take a focus, including enhanced driver experiences, more connected automobiles, and other things that actually don’t have all that much to do with cars.


We found the below particularly interesting:  



Today’s drivers almost expect access to social, music, Alexa, friends, and apps as they drive, just as they would away from their vehicle. Cars are no longer a ‘dead zone’ with limited productivity. Cars will come equipped with Wi-fi – and car manufacturers who don’t respond to this growing consumer need will realise how difficult it will be to sell cars without it.


Digital safety and manufacturing

AR is one of the most exciting enhancements in car design today, particularly its use in improving driver safety. Using AR, drivers will be able to ‘see through’ traffic – for instance a large truck in front, or a car on the left when making a right turn, making driving safer than ever before.


Big data

Thanks to the enhanced connectivity, cars will be able to collect amply amounts of data on drivers, like destinations, routes, traffic patterns, preferred music, favourite restaurant and petrol stations. Some car manufacturers will handle this data well, others, perhaps not so well. The automotive industry is feeling the heat to create more electric vehicles – this will continue to be a priority. And finally, at some point, car manufacturers will rethink their business models to better appeal to the second half of the 21t century.


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