By Debbie Holden 28 Jun 2019 6 min read

Do driving habits affect social media usage?


Today we have a special blog from Ross Wild at All Car Leasing, surrounding a study based on the connection between driving habits and social media usage – have a read!

Have you ever sat down and wondered how much time you spend on social media throughout the day? Without even realising, most people each day tend to spend an average of over two hours a day solely on social media; even whilst we are all working hard throughout the day! The normality of scrolling through a Facebook newsfeed and celebrity Snapchat stories every single day is very common and uploading pictures for the world to see is another part of it! 

All Car Leasing recently created a survey on more than 600 respondents, and asked about their driving habits to see if it matched up with social media usage; with an overall picture concerning vanity fairs to look at who was the most likely to post pictures of their car to social media!


Doin it for the gram

Doin’ it for the ‘gram by All Car Leasing


So… who was the most likely to post?

The study took many factors into consideration such as age group, gender, location and whether they modified their car when figuring out who was the most likely. It turns out that in terms of age groups, millennials, who are between the ages of 25-34, are the most likely age group to post to their social; with over 50% having posted to social media! A quarter of the millennial survey respondents also interestingly owned an Audi, with 70% of which having posted a picture to social media and a whopping 68% of which, were in fact FEMALE! Now, this ushers the idea that those who are moderately young adults with luxurious cars are way more likely to remind their friends and family of their success and in-sense be VAIN! 

One of the key parts of the study looked at how owning a private plate could affect driver’s social media usage. All Car found that 58% of private registration owners post pictures of their car to social media (The general population is 25%) and that 53% of private registration owners said that they have modified their car. It is also fascinating that half of all private plate owners tend to clean their car at least once a fortnight and the most popular manufacturer for this being Audi. This means that from the data, it is apparent that Audi’s are the best kept manufacturers amongst all of them!



Who’s the least vain?

The data also looked at the who were the least vain respondents, where it turns out that it is those over the age of 45, typically drive a Silver Ford, and whom also care most about the reliability of the car from the South East of England! This does not go to say that they don’t post at all to social media, because who doesn’t, they were just the least likely to!

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