By Debbie Holden 12 Oct 2014 6 min read

Day Two: Bangers4Ben


So, we made it down to Dover after a pleasant 8hr drive just in time to meet the majority of the other drivers. In the words of David Brent ‘El Vino Did Flow’, for a few people anyway!


The Premier Inn down in Dover was good for a decent night sleep which took us onto the next morning where we were greeted by a cracking full English. It’s safe to say the Bananas In Pyjamas costumes had gone down a treat around the breakfast tables.
Got to speak to a few of the other drivers over sausages and it seemed everyone was excited to get going.
The cars in the parking lot ranged from Lexus to Toyota with a couple of BMW’s and Mercedes in the mix, these cars were certainly not bangers back in their day, the Lexus even had heated massage
There were some real head turners amongst the Bangers4ben convoy. An ice cream van, a Suzuki Ignis wrapped in fur, the Lexus Interceptor and then of course our own banana mobile.
Without sounding too smug, InAutomotive have definitely come out on top with the costumes!
After boarding the ferry we had a briefing before myself and Kieran (B2) went for a stroll around the ferry in full costumes. I don’t think 10 seconds had passed before I had a young girl hugging me screaming ‘BANANA’! The crowds around us asking for pictures were the equivalent of those in Disney World when kids are waiting to get Mickey’s autograph (kind of).
After posing for pictures with hundreds of kids, we were on French turf and following the other ‘bangers’.
Everything was going swimmingly until the keys were passed over to Kieran for the second leg of the tour. Despite having sat nav, Kieran decided to take us on a detour which then lead to us having
to go a completely different way to the rest of the convoy. I’d also like to mention that if it weren’t for myself the front of our car would have most likely been crumpled against a concrete bollard.
The last leg of the second day was a nice warm up for Stelvio’s Pass, a cruise through some small ski villages leading all the way into Mulhouse which sits just on the Swiss border, a great first/ second day!
Take a look at some of the pictures from the second day:
image5 image6 image10 image11 image13 image15 image18 image21 image24 image26 image30
 Check out the hashtag #B4B14 to keep up with all the participants.