By Debbie Holden 15 Oct 2014 7 min read

Day Three: Bangers4BEN


With a 10/ 11 hour drive ahead of us we were keen to get cracking nice and early. Especially as we were heading off to Stelvio’s Pass which was supposedly the best/ most exciting road in the world.



Setting off at 9, we were on the road and on the way to Stelvio’s Pass. For the first time on the trip, pretty much all cars were in convoy and taking over the French highways.

To get to Stelvio’s you pass through many small ski resorts which look phenomenal in the autumn months, it has to be said.

IMG_0179 IMG_0179 (2)

From Davos onwards it’s pretty much driving heaven for the next 3 or 4 hours. Winding roads twisting and turning through the Alps, sheer drops on one side and waterfalls on the other. It was at this point on the trip that we knew we were pretty lucky to be out here on these roads.

When approaching Stelvio’s, it feels like you’re on a race track. It’s almost as if the Italian authorities just leave everyone alone up there, taking speed limits away in the process.

IMG_0190 IMG_0192

The pass itself is 15 miles of driving heaven. The roads leading up to it were impressive it has to be said, however, when you get to the pass and look up at the winding roads you know you’re in for a treat.

You’re treated to 30 odd hairpins on the way up to the top, and then you get to turn around and do it all again.

On the way back down, we had a slight problem… The brakes stopped working. Not great when you’re flying down Stelvio’s! It turned out to be the brakes over heating which was understandable considering where we were and how often they’d been used going up the pass.

We have since been told that another of the cars on the rally completely lost their brakes and has to roll off into the gravel and force on the parking brake.

All in all, an absolutely cracking day driving! Take a look at some of the other pictures we took from Day Three.

A standard Stelvio selfie:


Not seen one of these Ferrari’s before…:


The queue coming down Stelvio’s:


The dog car raring to go to Stelvio’s in Mulhouse, France:


Driving through Basel, Switzerland:


In car shot from the way to Stelvio’s:



Beautiful Livigno:


How Stelvio’s looks from the bottom:


A white Gallardo spotted in Switzerland, it’s safe to say that we were greeted by a fair few nice cars in Switzerland:


Because one photo of a Lamborghini is never enough:


Stopped off in a small ski village on the way to Stelvio’s:


The banana mobile ruining the scenery:


The view from the top of Stelvio’s. Had to get Team HPI’s glorious looking Saab in the photo:


Following the Saab down Stelvio’s:


Half a pizza at the top of Stelvio’s. Turns out the Italians run out of pizza at around 3pm which means you have to share: