By Debbie Holden 16 Oct 2014 5 min read

Day Five: Bangers4BEN


The final day of the tour was upon us far too quickly. The bananas wanted more!

It had been a great few days with some great people, plus, we certainly didn’t expect to be staying in such nice hotels (with spa’s)!

This leg of the tour saw us drive from Mulhouse back to Preston. The longest leg of the tour which saw us leave the hotel at 08:30 and arrive back in Preston at around 23:00, granted we stopped off for some food on the way.

We put on the costumes one last time and checked out of the hotel:


Stopped for a quick picture before leaving the hotel:IMG_0149

Pretty much our view for the next 8 hours across France:


Big thumbs up driving through France:


One of many Dacia Dusters we captured on camera, beauties:

If you look close enough you can see a castle on top of the hill: 


As we approach Calais the weather takes a turn for the worse but the HPI guys stay true to their word and keep that roof down:


Ferry delayed by an hour, not what you want after driving for 8:


We arrive back in England and the Saab boys still have their roof down!


A massive thanks to everyone who made this trip such a success and a big thank you to all the teams we spent time with over the 5 days! Myself an Kieran are looking forward to #B4B15 already.

Until the next time, over and out!