By Debbie Holden 09 Jun 2016 5 min read

15 Jobs to Get You Out And About


Finding a job can be a long and convoluted affair. There’s the tedious “hurry up and wait” drill at the office, followed by all that even more tedious mucking about with forms, followed by more waiting. Eventually, you complete your interview, hand in your forms, and maybe (just maybe) you’ll get the job.

But are you sure you’ve got the job that really suits you as an individual? After all, not everyone is cut out for a static, 9 to 5, office job. If sitting behind a desk, or standing behind a counter is not for you, it might be an excellent idea to consider applying for a job that will get you out and about. If movement is essential to your happiness, here are some job suggestions that might just lead to the perfect career.


1. Driving Instructor

Becoming a driving instructor will certainly get you out and about. If you enjoying driving as much as you enjoy working one on one with members of the public in a teaching role, this might just be the perfect job for you.

Driving instructors fulfill a variety of functions, from teaching the basics of safe driving technique to their students, to monitoring their performance and judging their results. This is a position with quite a lot of responsibility attached to it, so it’s certainly not one for the casual personality.

If you’d like to become a driving instructor, it’s an excellent idea to apply to a driver instructor training facility where you will receive all of the necessary experience and qualifications that you will need.


2. Starting Your Own Business with a Car or a Van

If you’re more of the independently minded, “self starter” type and own, or are looking to buy a van, you might just consider running your own business out of one. There are many important and in demand services that you could conduct out of your own vehicle, such as party catering, furniture delivery, selling ice cream and other refreshments, offering special transportation to disabled people, and many more.

You’ll need to find a perfect style of vehicle to suit your business, as there is a huge range available in the market. You’ll also need an excellent driving record and a number of insurance certifications and special vehicle licences. It’s a wise idea to check the Internet for the latest information on getting coverage for your mobile business too.

3. Lorry Driver

If you’ve ever longed to be out on the open motorway, driving up from Luton to Newcastle and seeing all the sights along the way, then the position of lorry driver is a cinch for you.

You can experience the pleasures of driving all over the British isle, and perhaps even venture on to the Continent for a few days’ well paid adventure. If you’re interested in applying for this position, it’s best to contact a professional lorry driver instructional school, of which there are plenty to choose from in practically every corner of the United Kingdom.


4. Garden Landscaper

If you really want to be out and about in the great outdoors, and you enjoy a spot of gardening, you may find that a job as a garden landscaper is the ideal career path for you. There are many ways to break into the business. One of the best is to attend a horticultural and landscaping course at your local college, or a specialized training centre that deals primarily with these subjects.

A day in the career as a garden landscaper might consist of consultations with clients to discuss their requirements, construction, shaping, and redevelopment of landscapes and dealing with working in the elements.


5. Postman

If you really enjoy the outdoors and don’t mind a bit of interaction with the public (and the odd cat and dog!), the position of postman, or postwoman might just be ideal for you. This is one position that is never out of full time demand, so if you’re looking for guaranteed work and a long, fulfilling career, this is definitely one to consider.

You can apply to the Royal Mail for consideration. There is an apprentice programme for the job which lasts 18 months. Once completed, you will earn your NVQ Level 2 in mail services, and you’ll earn your stripes as a full time Postal worker. Check out a bit more about what the job entails here.


6. Dog Walker

If you love animals and getting out and about in the fresh air, than there are plenty of opportunities available to become a professional dog walker. You can always place an ad in the paper and go into business for yourself. If you feel you need a little help getting your foot in the door, there are plenty of agencies and academies in the U.K. which train and certify professional dog walkers.

A typical day in the life of a dog walker would be meeting with the dogs owner to discuss their requirements, special needs and any other vital information you should know, picking up the pets and transporting them to a safe a secure area ready to enjoy their daily exercise.


7. Photographer

If photography is your strong suit, there are many ways to get into the business. You could become a wedding photographer, a news photographer, or even work for the government photographing landmarks and other important sites. Photographers enjoy an outdoor lifestyle with very little in the way of fixed hours in an undefined environment that always has the element of surprise and adventure.

There are courses you can take at your local college to get into this field. Alternatively, you can join a professional agency which trains and certifies photographers, and assists them in finding employment.

A great place to start is by taking photos of friends and family which in time will help to build your portfolio of work and experience for when you are ready to start taking on ‘real’ clients. Here’s a great article to help get you started.


8. Farmer

Did you know that the average income of farmers in the U.K. has risen some 13 percent, while the average pay for skilled workers in IT jobs has fallen? Why not leave your dull, confining office job and take up the ultimate outdoors occupation with a job in farming.

Of course, as everyone knows, life as a farmer is hard, long work. But if you feel you’ve got the yearning to get back to the country, it is possible to take a farming course at an accredited agricultural institute that will prepare and certify you for life on your very own farm.


9. Tour Guide

The life of a tour guide in one of Europe’s premier tourist oriented economies can be quite a lucrative one. If you have a knack for talking to large groups of people, guiding people through fascinating historical locations, and imparting useful information the whole way, then this just might be the career for you.

There are a number of professional training institutes which can get you properly certified and into the business.


10. Fisherman

If you’re idea of enjoying outdoors means being out and about on the wild seas, the life of a commercial fisherman might just be the career for you. It’s rough, exhausting work with long hours and a lot of stress, but if you’re up for the challenge, it can certainly be very rewarding.

You can get all of the necessary experience, equipment, and certifications by attending onshore and seagoing programs which are offered in all corners of the U.K.


11. Emergency Services

The life of an Emergency Services professional, whether that be a policeman, fireman, paramedic, or other branch of service, is certainly filled with nonstop adventure and opportunity to get out and about. Of course, there are serious risks in these lines of work, but if you ready to be a true servant of the public, one of these options might be perfect for you.

There are various training programs available for all branches of Emergency Services in the U.K. You can join the Police Academy in your area, or an equivalent institution that trains you to become a fire fighter or paramedic.


12. Motorbike Courier

Do you relish the thought of speeding about the town on a fast motorbike, relaying important messages and getting paid a handsome salary for having a blast? If so, the life of a motorbike courier might just tickle your fancy. There are over 20,000 professional motorbike couriers working in the U.K., and no sign of any dip in demand to speak of.

You won’t need any academic qualifications to become a motorbike courier, but you will need to have your NVQ/SVQ Level 2 in Carry and Deliver Goods. There are plenty of institutions who are available to train you to receive this important qualification.


13. Taxi Driver

The life of a taxi driver can certainly be a daily (or nightly) adventure. If driving about the town and meeting the public quite literally face to face is your cup of tea, then this position might just be the one for you.

You don’t need much in the way of academic qualifications to become a professional taxi driver. However, you will need to have an operator’s licence, a clean criminal record, and the ability to pass a basic geographical test.


14. Bus Driver

Being a bus driver is an excellent job for people who love to be out of doors, driving around the city in a large vehicle, and meeting with the public on a regular basis. It’s a rewarding career, not without its stress and occasional long hours, but with plenty of financial reward and no shortage of employment opportunities.

There are a number of tests which you must pass, chief among them being the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) test. You can apply for training at any number of institutions all across the U.K.


15. Train Driver

One of the most legendary and fulfilling outdoor jobs in the U.K. might just be that of a train driver. Rolling around the towns and countryside of England in a fast freight or passenger train is, to this day, one of the most sought after jobs in the nation.

If you’d like to join this age old, honourable profession, it’s an excellent idea to hold GCSEs in maths and English. It’s a job that requires long hours of steady, unwavering concentration, so a bit of maturity and professionalism goes a long way toward getting you the job. There are many institutions which will help you get the experience and specific credentials that you will need to realise your dream of being a train engineer.


Alternately, you could always set off with your dog and have a go at solving some mysteries.