By Debbie Holden 06 Oct 2015 7 min read

15 creative DIY jobs that are so bad they turned out good!


We at InAutomotive feel a tad bit sorry for the mechanics of today. That is because they have had to deal with some of the worst, albeit creative, DIY jobs seen to man.

What must grind their gears (no pun intended) is when people let pride and ego take over and they suddenly become a mechanic overnight. This is where this post comes from, having seen some of the best and worst DIY jobs in recent years, we figured we would put this post together and let everyone enjoy them as much as we did. We would also like to put a shout out for all the mechanics out there that have to work on fixing some of these problems – “keep up the good work and continue taking pictures as they are hilarious”.

So here we go our top 15 DIY fails for your viewing.

15. Portable aircon!

15 homemade aircon

Have you ever been so hot you simply have to turn the air con on? No problem with this top of the range portable air con system.

14. The classic manual screen wiper!

14 manual wiper

Who said the front passenger was just in charge of music? This method gives you an all new job and a workout!. We guarantee you don’t fight for the front seat in this vehicle!

13. Seatbelt holder missing?

No problem for this guy, possibly more comfier as well given the fact that it stretches, not that we recommend trying it as it goes against all safety aspects. Kudos for creativity though.

12. Ever had a smashed window?

12 window

This is one way to sort it out. I bet there was no draught either. Nice and warm in the winter just a problem in the summer when you will have trouble winding it down.

11. Blinds in the car anyone?

11 blinds in a car

As backseat passengers know it’s hard to block the sun out, so this genius came up with having blinds in the car, well not literally in the car but you get the point.

10. Home made trailer?

10 home made trailer

When no one is willing to lend you their trailer, simply make one yourself! We probably would have built something that you could attach and not built it onto the actual car but at least they always have one now.

9. Home made swimming pool

9 swimming pool

When it is simply too hot on a summer’s day, why don’t you turn your car into a swimming pool! This is obviously a cheaper and much more fun option than buying a swimming pool.

8. Buttons not working on the dashboard?

8 dashboard problems

No problem for this mechanic, Simply install a switch and a bit of cardboard and bish bash bosh you now have a working dashboard.

7. Headlight problems?

Not for this car, strap a few 1000 candle torches and away you go. The only problem is you’re always on high beam and you can’t dim them, fix that and you are onto a winner! However unless these torches were lying around your house, surely it would have been cheaper to buy new headlight bulbs?

6. Not enough money for a paint job?

5 sharpie paint job

This person took paint jobs to a new level! We are throwing it out there, they probably have sore wrists from doing this! While we are on the subject has anyone got a spare sharpie pen? The local shop seems to have sold out!

5. No words can describe what has happened here!

6 no words can describe this

This person seems to be in multiple minds as to whether they want a car, a van, or even a combine harvester it has gone that far away from a car. Our advice, scrap this thing and go and buy a motorcycle as you clearly don’t know what you want.

4. Check out my new rims!

3 small rims anyone

Normally people go for bigger wheel rims which is always good when you have a wheel for them to go on. This brings us to our number 4, engineering at its finest and introducing the newest trend of small wheel rims.

3. Anyone for a bit of music?

3 cd player

This person figured the cassette player was too old school and was in need of an upgrade, introducing the latest model of the cd player… the cd rom! Some say it was the best ever made… we said some and by some we mean one… The one person that created this absolute gem!

2. No steering wheel… No problem!

2 steering wheel

Who needs a steering wheel when we have tools. We don’t think you will be able to give lessons in this car though as they would automatically fail for not having two hands on the .. well on the locking pliers in this case!

And finally our number 1. It was worth the wait…. drum roll please….

1. Create a whole new vehicle?

1 brand new car

Don’t want to let go of your first car? We know the feeling, it’s hard as you have an emotional connection with it. However we think it is time for you to let go of this one.

It is safe to say that all of the pictures above were ambitious attempts but ultimately fails. If you are looking to hire a mechanic then we strongly recommend that you stay away from people like the above and find your next employees at InAutomotive. Here you will find over 155,000 industry specific professionals waiting to fill your roles and in relation to this post do a better job than some of these pictures.

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If you have better DIY fails, comment them below! Share if you liked this post or if you know a DIY’er as bad as the pictures above.