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Average UK salary for car sales managers


Selling cars in the UK is a lucrative and profitable venture for any professional salesperson who wants to delve into the automobile industry.

However, for many people, the average automobile sales manager’s salary remains a mystery due to the numerous factors that make up the overall income of a car sales manager.

The truth is, most professionals in the field tend to rake in a generous annual income when all is said and done. But how generous is the average car sales manager’s salary?

Well, in this article, we will answer this question and offer a glimpse into several factors that may contribute to an car salesperson’s salary.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?


What is the average UK salary for car sales managers?

Typically, auto sales manager salaries vary depending on several factors, such as the geographical location and employee’s level of experience.

For instance, car sales managers living in London usually earn higher than their counterparts living in smaller cities such as Birmingham or Norwich. 

However, the average base salary for a car sales manager living in the UK is between £30,000 to £40,000 per year. 


The components of a car salesperson’s salary 

As stated earlier, several factors and components make up a car sales manager’s overall income. However, it should be noted that these components may vary depending on the car dealership in question.

Some of these factors include:



Most car dealerships in the UK prefer to pay their car sales managers on a commission basis. But what exactly does this entail? Put simply, each salesperson is paid based on the number of cars they have sold and the profit attached to each sold car.

Although this payment plan may sound like an easy way to make more money, it has quite a few drawbacks. For starters, a commission-based payment plan implies that salespersons who do not sell any cars simply do not get paid. This arrangement can be quite disastrous, especially if you’ve been having a streak of bad luck. 

Here’s a more detailed explanation about how this works: let’s imagine that you sold a car with a profit of about £1200. If your commission rate was 30% (this figure varies depending on the car dealership in question), you would still receive about £360 for the sold car. 


Per hour payment 

Although 9-5 jobs are gradually losing popularity, some car sales managers often work for up to 50 hours a week. In cases like this, their scheduled work hours are often stipulated in the employment agreement or contract. 

This way, they get paid according to the number of hours they work. One perk of this system is that the car sales manager gets paid for any overtime work, thereby increasing the car sales salary. 

It should be noted that not every car dealership implements this payment structure. Some dealerships pay salespersons only strictly by a commission with a few additional perks. 


Car dealership bonuses

Apart from the base car dealership sales manager salary, some dealerships also offer extra payment to their employees based on performance. These bonuses can range from anywhere between 5% to 50% of the salesperson’s monthly salary. 

For instance, let’s assume that a sales manager works for a car dealership and earns about £2500 each month. If they perform above expectations in a particular month, they may get a bonus of 30%. Thus, their take-home salary for the month will amount to £3250 rather than £2500. 

However, this may vary from dealership to dealership. Some car dealerships offer bonuses based on other factors, such as the specific luxury car sold or the salesperson’s marketing skills. 


Salesperson’s Benefits

Like you already know, a car sales manager’s salary doesn’t just end at the base monthly payment. It includes other benefits, such as paid holiday (a legal requirement in the UK), health insurance, and even retirement benefits. 

It should be noted that some car dealerships may be reluctant to offer these benefits as part of the payment package. However, the onus lies in you to find out the benefits your dealership offers in your job description and salary package. You can do this during your job interview or right after you’ve been offered a position at the dealership.

If your car dealership doesn’t offer the benefits listed above, you may need to cut corners and make some adjustments to cover those expenses. 


Final thoughts 

Although most car sales managers working in the UK earn slightly above £30,000 each year, this figure is dependent on crucial factors, such as the employer’s level of experience. Some highly experienced salespersons who work at top-paying car dealerships earn higher.

Similarly, sales managers who work in cities such as London or Burton-on-Trent earn higher due to their geographical location.

If you currently earn below the average annual income of UK car sales managers, you may need to switch dealerships or improve your work experience and skills.


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