By Debbie Holden 12 Aug 2019 7 min read

Why do we quit our jobs?


At some point in your career, you might feel like you want to quit your job. Pressure at work, the feeling of not being challenged, and generally not enjoying your time at a company can all factor into it. So what are the main reasons you would consider quitting a job, and how exactly would you go about it? 


Needing a new challenge

If you’re a skilled mechanic, vehicle technician or salesperson, you could find yourself feeling unchallenged very quickly in a job. This is completely normal, but it’s important to consider that if you choose to stay at this job, you could become bored and start to resent it – you may also not learn anything new, and are therefore sacrificing any opportunity to develop your career. 

This is one of the most common reasons why professionals quit. If you’re looking to get ahead, sticking with the same job that you’ve mastered won’t improve you as a person or professionally. So perhaps it’s time for a move.


No career development

Similar to the previous point, a lack of career development is a very common reason why professionals quit their job and move on to another company. Not being able to progress in your career, or seeing that there aren’t enough opportunities on offer can make you feel like you’re being shortchanged. If you think you have more to offer, but there are no set pathways to progression being created for you, it’s understandable that you will feel like it’s time to move on.


Feeling like you don’t fit in

Every company has a culture, and if it’s one you don’t feel you fit in with, it can leave you feeling left out and deflated at work. Furthermore, an organisation that doesn’t make the effort to control or influence company culture can be equally as frustrating. No time away from work with colleagues can leave you feeling like you don’t know them very well. Not getting the opportunity to build those relationships with people at work can also make it more difficult to communicate with your co-workers.


Feeling like you’re worth more 

Salary isn’t always the most important factor, but feeling as though you’re not being paid what you and your skills are worth is another popular reason why professionals are quitting their jobs for another. Benchmarking your job against other similar jobs and finding out you’re being paid alot less for it can make you question staying at the same company if you could get paid more elsewhere. Being paid what you’re worth is important to many people in the working world.


Not feeling valued

Feeling underappreciated or like you have no voice at a company can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed at work, hence why this is yet another common reason why professionals move on from their current job. It’s very important that you feel your opinions will be heard, whether it’s by your team leader, manager or CEO, for example. Feeling like you can’t make a change or your ideas aren’t respected are unfortunately why many people choose to get another job


Lack of benefits or employee incentives 

Spending the majority of your life at work is difficult to accept. But many companies combat this by offering incentives and benefits that make it easier to balance work with your home life, or even just offering things like a day out, generous annual leave or flexible working patterns. Staff pensions are also widely appreciated. 

If your company is lacking in this area, it’s very easy to feel like you’re spending your life in the office, garage or dealership with very little reward (putting salary aside), which can make you resent work alot. Find a company that considers your future and your wellbeing, so you can have a happy life in and outside work.


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