By Debbie Holden 03 Oct 2017 7 min read

Top 10 job hunting tips for automotive jobs


Are you struggling to get your job search off the ground? We’ve put together our favourite ten job hunting tips to help you get closer to that perfect job.

The job hunt is always challenging and the internet is full of advice for job seekers, much of it contradictory, so it can be difficult to know where to start. The ways in which we look for jobs have also changed in recent years, with networking sites such as LinkedIn becoming ever-more important.

We’ve focused on job seeking tips and techniques that are universal, simple, and central to any successful job search. Some of the tips are quick and easy things that won’t take very long but could help you stand out to employers. Other could be crucial to helping you get hired.

No matter what stage in your career you’re at, these ten simple, yet effective, job search techniques will make that job hunt that little bit easier.


1. Allocate yourself enough time

This is an essential starting point and often overlooked. It is easy to allow job hunting to fall to the bottom of your priorities, however, if you let this happen you won’t be very successful in securing a role.

You should allocate yourself a minimum of an hour a day but ideally more. The more time you can afford to spare, the better your job hunt will go. The more time you spend networking, browsing job sites and signing up for job email alerts, the more likely it is that you will find the right job. You should also spend plenty of time updating your CV and online networking profiles.


2. Professional networking profile

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, then now might be the time to make one. If you can ensure that your profile is the first thing to appear when you search your name online then you are sure to impress a recruiter.

Make sure your profile includes all of your education including technical and academic qualifications, recommendations from previous bosses or colleagues, and all of your previous experience.


3. Be open minded

You should consider a range of jobs, to keep your options open. If you are too picky and have tunnel vision then the specific type of job you are after may never come available. If you apply for a wider range of jobs then you are way more likely to get more interviews which will not only increase the likelihood of you getting a job, but will also help you develop contacts and practice your interviewing skills.


4. Use multiple CVs

You can make use of some great CV templates which are available online and use them to create a variety of CVs which are all aimed at different automotive jobs. This is important as you cannot really use the same two CVs for two different varieties of job. Each CV should really directly target the job you are applying for and should explain what you have accomplished in past jobs.

Your CV should also highlight your strengths and skills which have been developed through your different placements and jobs. Read our tips on how to write a standout CV. You can also upload your CV to InAutomotive and help recruiters find you.


5. Attend conferences and job fairs

What better way to make contacts and find the right job than by going to industry conferences? You can meet different people who work in your chosen field and gain plenty of advice as well as getting your face and CV out there.

As important as online networking is, you still cannot beat good old face-to-face contact. It really is the best way to sell yourself.


6. Don’t simply focus on job websites

Although the best place to find jobs is online, don’t solely focus on jobs sites. Companies are receiving so many CVs and applications from these sites that you might stand out from the crowd if you contact the company directly. Perhaps when applying for local automotive jobs, it would be wise to apply online but follow up with a phone call to the company.

You should try and find jobs by other means too, including speaking to friends and networking.


7. Follow companies

You should use LinkedIn and Twitter to follow as many companies in your field of employment as possible. This will help you keep up to date with the industry as well as keep you informed when job vacancies become available. Make sure you follow InAutomotive on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest opportunities.


8. Stay persistent

It is important to stay persistent without pestering an organisation or individual. For instance, it might be worth sending follow up messages once you have applied for a job as they will help you to stand out from the other applicants. You do have to be careful because you do not want to come across as a pest. If you send them a follow-up message through LinkedIn then whoever receives the message can then look over your profile and see your credentials.


9. Consider different wage packages

If you are applying for a new start-up company or a position at a smaller business, then be prepared to work for different wage packages. Maybe you could suggest working on commission or based on another type of performance-related pay. An employer may be more likely to offer you the job if you represent less of a risk to them. So bear that in mind.


10. Know what you have to offer

Yes, you may want the job, but always stay aware of what you have to offer them. Be confident in your ability and how your skills can be of benefit to the company and employees at that company. Confidence is important in making an impact, so don’t be too timid, but never be arrogant.


Once you’ve secured that interview, make sure you’re ready for your interview with some of our top tips.