By Beth Lane 22 Dec 2021 7 min read

Job hunting tips to help you get your dream job

Job hunting can be a confusing process at times, especially if you are new to the experience or haven’t searched for a job in a while. You might not realise that searching for a job requires a certain amount of technique and knowledge if you want to stand out from the crowd. 

In order to help you achieve this and secure your dream job, we have put together a list of tips, that you need to know when job hunting;


1. Be aware of your career goals 

This might seem like an obvious thing to be aware of, but knowing what you want to achieve in your career will make sure that you are applying for the correct type of job. Look for whether the job will allow you to gain the experiences needed to fulfil higher positions, especially if this is something you are aiming for. 


2. Customise your CV accordingly 

Although it might seem like a timely task to complete, customising your CV according to the job you are applying for will benefit you. Ensure that your experiences match the requirements that have been set by the employer. This will help your application stand out from other candidates and increase your chances of securing an interview.


3. Submit your application with confidence 

It can be a nervous time when applying for a job. Breathe, you’ve got this. Although you might feel nervous, it’s important to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. If you do feel apprehensive about the process, write down a list of your best achievements and qualities that will remind you of why you have applied for the job.


4. Complete research on the company

Congratulations, you secured an interview! Now, it’s time to prepare. Start off by completing research on the company you have secured the interview with. Presumably, you’ve already done this to a certain extent, so make sure this research is more in depth. Make yourself aware of when the company was founded, who it was founded by and any other relevant information that you will need to be aware of. 



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