By Debbie Holden 22 Apr 2021 6 min read

How your job search just got a whole lot easier

Based on in-depth research into the industry as well as extensive feedback and insights provided by our jobseekers, we’re thrilled to relaunch a brand new InAutomotive.

As well as a brand new look, the site is jam packed with new and exciting features, as well as old favourites which have been updated or revamped – all perfectly designed to make your job search a whole lot easier.

In our latest blog, we delve into what’s changed, what’s new and most importantly, what that means for our jobseekers.

A Place to Get to Know Employers


Over the last few decades, the recruitment landscape has shifted dramatically and jobseekers want to know more about a company before they decide whether to apply for their vacancies.

A new ‘About us’ section (built within the job advert itself) will allow jobseekers to discover more about the employer before starting the application process.

In a recent survey with InAutomotive users, jobseekers told us the most important information they wanted to see when searching for jobs was salary, company culture and diversity policies.

This section could also include information such as working hours, career progression opportunities and the company’s mission statement.

All this information, which we’re actively encouraging our employers to add into their job adverts, is designed to help you make an informed decision about whether the position and the company is suitable for you.


What this means for you
  • Discover more about an employer before applying for their jobs
  • Reduce time spent applying for unsuitable jobs
  • Better understanding of other jobseekers’ experiences with different employers


Improved & Additional Search Filters


With improved search filters, you’ll only ever see the jobs which are most relevant to your search.


What this means for you
  • Less time spent searching through irrelevant jobs
  • More time spent discovering jobs which best match what you’re looking for


A New & Improved Dashboard


Your candidate dashboard will store the jobs which you have recently searched for, saved for later or applied to. Keeping them in one handy place means you can stay on top of your job search more efficiently.


What this means for you
  • Keep track of your job search
  • Manage your job alerts with a single click
  • If you find a suitable job but aren’t in a position to apply there and then, save it with a click and return to it later


Better Job Descriptions


In a recent survey with InAutomotive users, 29% of jobseekers told us that they don’t feel job adverts provide the information they are looking for.

That’s why we’ve completely rebuilt the way our recruiters upload job adverts, to prompt them to include the information that you’ve said is most important to you.

A better understanding of the job responsibilities, skill requirements, benefits and company culture can help you better match yourself to career opportunities.


What this means for you
  • Discover more about the vacancy before applying
  • Reduce time spent applying for unsuitable jobs



of jobseekers told us that they don’t feel job adverts provide the information they are looking for.


Better Communication


In a recent survey with InAutomotive users, 46% of jobseekers told us the most frustrating part about job hunting was not hearing back from a recruiter after applying.

We want to make sure our candidates have the best experience possible, and that’s why that’s why we have implemented a better candidate management system which will make it easier for recruiters to advise you on the status of your application, whether that be a rejection or not.

Writing a CV and applying for a job can be time consuming, so we actively encourage recruiters to acknowledge your time by keeping you updated.


What this means for you
  • As disheartening as a rejection is, you will know where you stand
  • You can focus your attention on applying for new positions
  • If you have made it to the next stage of the recruitment process, you can start preparing right away



of jobseekers told us the most frustrating part about job hunting was not hearing back from a recruiter after applying.


Improved Candidate Profiles


We’ve recently revamped our candidate profiles so you can better showcase your talent, including professional credentials, formal qualifications and awards, as well as soft skills, hobbies and personal projects.

Recruiters regularly search our candidate profiles looking to cherry pick top talent. Candidates with a lot to offer employers will have the best chance of being contacted directly with the latest career opportunities.

Recruiters also use these profiles to confirm who they would like to interview, so your profile gives you a chance to really stand out. Your profile could be the difference between you and another jobseeker reaching the interview stage.

Competition is especially strong for automotive jobs right now, and recruiters are looking for the very best candidates. A top quality candidate profile will give you the edge over your competition!

To discover how to create craft an outstanding candidate profile which gets you hired, visit here.


What this means for you
  • Increased career opportunities
  • Increased chance of reaching the interview stage
  • Have the edge over your competition
  • One central place to easily display all of your qualifications, certifications and/or credentials


Apply For Jobs Using Your Candidate Profile or CV


You will now be able to apply for jobs using your InAutomotive candidate profile or by uploading a CV. You can also upload and store multiple CVs in your candidate dashboard.


What this means for you
  • Save time having to edit your CV for different types of roles; choose from multiple saved versions
  • Easily attach credentials, certificates and qualifications to your profile to display your achievements all in one place
  • No need to worry about ordering or formatting; just put in the info and we’ll create a professional profile for you
  • Update your profile at any time, helping you keep your information fresh and up to date


Set Up and Manage Email Alerts


You can easily set up and manage email alerts in your candidate dashboard. Email alerts help you stay on top of the latest vacancies being added to InAutomotive which match your search criteria.

Once you create an email alert, we’ll email you the latest jobs added to InAutomotive to save you the hassle of searching for them. Just remember to keep an eye on your inbox!


What this means for you
  • Less time spent searching for relevant career opportunities as we will email them directly to you
  • You never miss an opportunity
  • Alerts can be activated and deactivated easily as per your circumstances


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All this – and so much more – will be live on from early May! To get a head start and register now, simply visit here now.