By Debbie Holden 06 Aug 2018 6 min read

10 habits of highly successful employees


Do you ever wonder how you could become more successful in your career? It’s not as difficult as you think…

Those considered successful have been practicing routine and efficient work for some time. If you’re wondering exactly what it is that successful people do that helps them to get ahead, we’ve listed just some of the habits below, that you can make a start on right now!


1. They think ahead

Anyone looking to get ahead will always consider the next step in their career, even while they’re in a job they are happy with. Although a focus on developing your current skills is important, many people look to gain skills that will be needed in the dream role they are working towards. It’s almost as simple as ticking boxes as you move ahead…


2. They socialise with everyone

Many people feel nervous around their higher ups, but it’s pretty hard to get promoted if management doesn’t know that you exist. Start building a rapport with them, produce good ideas that you can attach your name to, and just generally develop a solid working relationship. If you’re always nervous around your higher ups, you’ll never be able to present your ideas confidently to them, let alone ask them how they’re doing.


3. They dress to impress

We’ve all heard the saying ‘dress for the job you want’, but it really does have truth to it. People who get ahead at work take pride in how they dress and how they act. Look professional, be professional.


4. They jump at leadership

Anyone looking to become a success at work should want to take any opportunity to lead a team. Once you’ve mastered your area, the next step is whether you can manage others for that area. Whether it’s volunteering to train new recruits, applying to become a team leader or offering to lead a project, put your hand up and show that you can take on the responsibility.


5. They listen

Listening is a skill that is dreadfully overlooked. Anyone who can provide another person with their undivided attention, and show that they care and understand, and can take clear direction, is a true leader. This is a top skill employers seek, and it’s a lot harder than you think to improve.


6. They record their accomplishments

The most successful people can clearly show what they have delivered in their role. Keep track of data that proves you have made a difference, so that if you’re ever in question, you can present why you are a valuable asset to the company. Recording and delivering data to your higher ups is also an easy way to get noticed for your hard work.


7. They pitch in

Successful people want to have their voice heard, because although every idea isn’t always the best, not communicating those ideas could mean a missed opportunity. They will also get involved in the nitty gritty projects that seem worthless, but will eventually provide a more efficient process. An easy way to get ahead is to show that you have a good understanding of how everything in your department works, because you took the time to find out.


8. They solve problems

Have you ever just sat on a problem until it went away? Or worse, it didn’t, but you didn’t do anything to tackle it? Successful people tackle those situations head on to figure out solutions. Becoming a problem solver shows that you care – not just about your job, but about the health and ongoings of the business.


9. They stay informed on the business

It’s easy to shield yourself from company update emails and weekly updates, but by choosing not to read this information, you could be sacrificing your success by not staying informed on the company’s situation, successes and key talking points. Take 5 minutes out of your day to read those updates, and ask questions to show that you’re interested in how the company succeeds.


10. They commit to learning

Working in the same office every day can send you straight in to autopilot. Make time through your week to learn something new that could help you enhance your skillset. The most successful people are asking questions, attending conferences and courses and always working to improve themselves.