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Writing a standout CV for a Sales Manager

Writing an effective CV can be the difference between securing your dream job, and searching for months for a job you’ll settle in. And when you’re an ambitious salesman ready to take the next step in your career, waiting around shouldn’t be an option. So read on to find out how you can get your CV seen, quickly, by recruiters.

Sales managers must showcase skillset and achievements in a CV. Being able to sell yourself in the 30 seconds or so it takes for a recruiter to scan your CV is crucial to getting you to the next stage of the process. Below, we’ve highlighted some key points for you to use as a guide when writing the personal summary section of your Sales Manager CV, and we’ve also provided a sample of a CV to help:


Grab their attention

Recruiters scan CVs to find what they need – if they don’t see it quickly, they move on to the next one. Your CV has to stand out, and by effectively tailoring your personal summary is exactly how you can do it.

A personal summary is the introductory paragraph of your CV that usually sits at the top of your CV, underneath contact details. It usually consists of a couple of sentences about the type of character you are, your skills and why you’re the person for the job.

So how can you use this section to your advantage? Well, the personal summary section is usually the part recruiter’s read first. If it doesn’t meet their needs, they’ll move on. The key to maximising the potential of your CV is to make sure your personal summary is bang on the mark – it should be tailored specifically to the role. Remember, if a recruiter is happy with your personal summary, they will continue reading your CV.

Use the first sentence of this section to really sell yourself: “Expert sales associate with years of experience in various aspects of customer service and marketing.”

Now that you have the recruiter’s attention, it’s time to pad out your summary: “I have worked directly with both large and small clients, including fleet customers.”

Then, hit them with a few key skills that will really turn their head: “Self-motivated and innovative, with a history of creating successful incentive and loyalty programmes to improve sales numbers and client retention.”

Then, finish off with a well-rounded sentence about your ambitions and motivations: “Dedicated to helping team members provide excellent customer service while also meeting company sales goals.”


Check out this CV sample for a sales manager:




Sell yourself

Your personal summary is more than just an intro to your CV – it’s the quickest way to grab a recruiter’s attention, so don’t waste the opportunity to sell yourself.


Tailor your CV around your personal summary

As your personal summary should be tailored, and a great introduction to your CV, make sure you pay attention to the rest of your CV after this. It should complement the job role well – oh, and don’t forget to tailor your cover letter!

Once you’ve finished perfecting the above, you’re ready to tackle your job search!


Here are more tips to help you refine your CV:


You can also download our helpful CV guide below:

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