By Andy Vevers 19 Sep 2023 5 min read

Can Ats Systems Detect the Use of AI in Cover Letters & Cvs?

Most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are not specifically designed to detect whether you've used AI to craft your CV (resume) and cover letter. ATS systems primarily focus on parsing and analyzing the content of your application documents to match them with job requirements and rank candidates accordingly.

However, it's important to consider the following points:



Content and Keywords

ATS systems analyze the content of your CV and cover letter to match it against the job description. If your AI-generated documents are filled with relevant keywords and phrases from the job posting, they may perform well in the initial screening.



ATS systems may have difficulty parsing unconventional or overly complex formatting, which can sometimes result from AI-generated content. Ensure that your AI-generated documents are well-structured and follow standard resume and cover letter formatting guidelines.


Human Review

While ATS systems are efficient at handling the initial screening, many companies still have a human reviewer who looks at the top-ranked resumes. If your AI-generated documents pass the ATS but don't read naturally or don't match your experience during an interview, it may raise questions.


Ethical Considerations

Using AI to create a CV and cover letter should be done transparently and ethically. Misrepresenting yourself or your skills can have negative consequences if you are called for an interview or asked to demonstrate your claimed abilities.


Advancements in AI

AI technology evolves rapidly. It's possible that ATS systems may incorporate AI detection features in the future to identify AI-generated content. However, as of my last update, this was not a common feature.


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In summary, while ATS systems are primarily designed to assess the content and formatting of your CV and cover letter, there's always the potential for future developments in technology. However, the key to a successful job application is not just passing the ATS but also ensuring that your documents accurately represent your skills and experience. Use AI tools as aids in creating your application materials but make sure they align with your actual qualifications and experiences.