By Debbie Holden 10 Jun 2019 6 min read

How to write a cover letter for a mechanic


If you’re a quality mechanic searching for a new job, you’ll need to impress with a job-winning cover letter if you want to make it to an interview.

Working as a mechanic is a role that comes with many surprises and interesting projects, so it’s much easier than you think to write an interesting, eye-catching cover letter to accompany your tailored CV. At InAutomotive, we give you all the tools you need to make the strongest application, providing tips and advice for your job search. Below, we’ve provided some points that will get your cover letter seen.


Getting started

So where should you start with your cover letter? Well before you put pen to paper, you should probably be thinking about what key points you would like to stand out on your cover letter. For example, do you have years of experience? Are you an expert for a particular brand like Ford or Volvo? And more importantly, why do you want the job? The strongest cover letters that have come through InAutomotive in the past all included the following:

  • Expressing an interest in the role
  • Showcasing the relevant experience for the job
  • Communicating your character and why you match well with the job
  • Addressing your eagerness to work for the company
  • Thanking the company for considering your application


What to include

The term ‘cover letter’ quite simply suggests the format it needs to be in – letter form. When writing a letter, you should make sure you include the following points that clearly show you’ve presented your cover letter in the correct form:

  • The address of the person hiring for the role (this could be a hiring manager, a team manager, or the owner of the company)
  • Addressing the contact. If contact details aren’t provided, write ‘To whom it may concern’
  • The date you send the cover letter (it’s best practice to use the date of which you are sending the full application)
  • Your name. Sign the letter with it, like you would to anyone else you write a letter to
  • Your contact details – include your phone number and email address, so they can easily contact you


Below, we have provided an example of what we think is a strong cover letter example for someone applying for mechanic jobs.


Gregory Harrod,


FixIt Garage,

30 Acre St,



E1 6AN



Dear Mr Harrod,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in your position for an auto mechanic, which I recently saw advertised on InAutomotive.

I have held an interest in cars and how they operate from a very young age, and have watched and worked on vehicles from the age of 14. After completing high school, I moved on to begin an apprenticeship as a mechanic, which has led me to where I am today.

I have a vast knowledge of all automobile mechanic systems, such as transmissions, engines, exhaust systems etc. and can use diagnostic systems to troubleshoot any issues. I can bring cars back to life with my ability to problem solve, and in-depth knowledge of its make-up.

My strong technical and mechanical skills, I feel, make me the ideal candidate for your position, and my years of experience would prove beneficial to your company, particularly my experience in customer service and rebuilding engines.

I believe this job would be the ideal next step for my career, and I think my approachable and easy going personality would make me a good fit for your team. I would be nothing short of delighted to have the opportunity to sit down and discuss this with you further at an interview.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter – I look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience.



Harold Myers

23 Courter Road,



E1 7UR


Phone: 0789 968 4578



Proofread, and proofread again

You might hear this a lot when you’re putting in the effort to make the perfect CV or cover letter, but it can’t be said enough. Always make time to proofread your CV. Why? Because it could be the difference between you getting an interview, or your application being sent to the rejection pile.

Poorly written cover letters will irritate hiring managers, particularly if other applications come through with little or no errors. Don’t let this be the downfall of your application after all of the time you’ve taken to complete it. You could also ask another person to read it for you (this is always better, particularly if you’ve read it over multiple times already).

Don’t make this simple mistake that so many others make!

So, now that you have a good idea of what your cover letter should look like, the next stage is to begin preparing for your mechanic’s interview.

Want some more advice on your application? Download our helpful CV guide below – it’s got plenty of tips to help you perfect your CV! Trust us, it’s a job winner!