By Debbie Holden 03 Jun 2019 7 min read

How to impress with your car sales cover letter

If you’re applying for a brand new job in car sales, you’ll need to be able to sell yourself on paper before you get the opportunity to do it in person.

Part of your application will involve writing a cover letter. Crafting a car sales cover letter that catches a recruiter’s eye is paramount if you want to make it to the interview stage. Other parts of your written applicant will include writing a standout C, but for this blog, we will concentrate on how to write a job winning cover letter for car sales jobs.



Where do I start?

The first place to start with your cover letter, is to make a list of all the points you wish to include in it. For example, you can:


  • Express your interest in the role
  • Briefly mention the relevant experience you have for the job
  • Talk about your character and why you make a good for for the job and the company
  • Address your eagerness to work at the company
  • Thanking the company for considering your application


This is a very brief outline of what should be discussed in your cover letter. You might also want to include a couple of examples that prove your worth or specific skills related to the job.



What should I include?

Remember, this is a cover letter. So it should be written in the format of a letter too. Include:

  • The address of the person hiring
  • The date you are sending the cover letter (if you are sending this as part of a wider application, change this date to the date you actually send it)
  • Address the person in question, for example: ‘Dear Ms Weyers, For The Attention of Mr Collins’
  • Include your name at the bottom, and add ‘Yours sincerely’
  • Also include your contact details


Below is a good example of a cover letter for a car sales job:



Connor McGraw

Hiring Manager



B18 6NF




Dear Mr McGraw,


I am writing this letter to express my interest in your vacancy, Car Sales Executive, which is currently advertised on


My sales record speaks for itself, and I have a unique personality that builds strong relationships with customers. As a self driven, hungry individual, I take the bull by the horns and work hard to achieve by objectives.


I believe the customer journey, with regards to buying a car, should be personal, and exciting – which is why I make such an impact. I possess the ability to encourage, persuade and motivate, which in turn produces happy customers, and successful turnaround.


I possess an enviable ability to present and demonstrate vehicles to customers, promote finance options and more, all with a professional and friendly attitude.


After beginning my professional career in a garage with a specialty on fixing BMW’s, I can boast a specialist knowledge when I’m working in the showroom.


I aspire to join a busy sales team with a company that will offer me an attractive remuneration package with a company car included. I’d very much like to interview with you as I think I would make a good fit at your dealership.


Thank you for taking the time to read my application, and I look forward to speaking with you more, at your earliest convenience.



Adam Rivers

33 Bushell Road,


B17 1YT


Phone number: 07735 835 284




Don’t forget to look over your cover letter before you send it. Mistakes like spelling or grammatical errors, or a lack of punctuation, for example, won’t be as well received as a cover letter that is neat, tidy and presentable.