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Fleet Transport/Logistics Planner Holt Automotive Recruitment Ltd Bournemouth, Dorset, South West £25,000 - £30,000

Frequently asked questions

Transport planners devise and develop strategies taking into account the needs of all transport users. They provide plans for transportation considering the safety, environmental issues, and efficiency of the vehicles. They work in the private or government organisations and help them with effective management of the transport system along with improving it.

Transport planner jobs require a thorough understanding of the government or private transport planning policies. The planners must have analytical skills to evaluate the traffic flows, they must be adept at using computer applications and mathematical techniques for ensuring accuracy in the plans and strategies they provide, and must be familiar with the regional and national transportation conditions.

You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, economics, mathematics, environmental science, geography, or a relevant subject. Another way to work as a transport planner is to study a course about transportation planning and build skills through an apprenticeship. There are apprenticeships and postgraduate programmes available on transport planning that you can explore.

The average per annum income of transport planners varies depending on the government or private organisation, kind of position, and job responsibilities. Salary for entry-level transport planner vacancies is pretty good and the senior-level management positions, especially directors, are even more monetarily rewarding including benefits like health insurance, car allowance, and pension.

To be a good transport planner you need to have the capability to deal with clients, the public, local groups, and councillors. The sagacity to resolve problems and analyse the functionality of a plan along with good project management skills are also required for the role. Looking for management jobs in the automotive industry? Try InAutomotive!


Transport Planner Job Description

Transport planners are involved in making policies and plans. They work on different projects pertaining to transport systems that include roads and the road vehicles like cars, buses, and lorries, pedestrian systems, rail networks, and air travel. They are required to devise strategies that make travel easy and safe for the people and transportation of goods. The policies and planning have to be made adhering to environmental issues, economy and safety of the pedestrians along with the drivers and passengers using different kinds of transport. Designing transport and travel surveys and interpreting their results is also in the transport planner job description. 

Transport Planner Job Responsibilities

The prime responsibility of transport planners is to provide design ideas for improving the transport infrastructure. They have to make sure that pedestrian priority schemes are implemented and options and suggestions on transport systems are presented to the clients. They use statistical analysis for assessing accident records and processing the travel data. Transport planners make use of computer simulation models to gauge the effects of policy changes, public transport schemes, and road improvements. They can be asked to appear as a witness and provide their insight at public inquiries. They evaluate the infrastructure requirements of new developments to ensure everything is done according to set rules and regulations.

Skills Required to Build a Transport Planner Career

Transport planners have to be good with numbers and interpreting data as most of their work is related to data assessment. Effective communication skills are required for the role as you have to interact with clients, authorities, and different teams. Having good project management skills will aid you with managing and completing the different tasks on time. Computer literacy and an inclination towards transport planning are essential for this job. The ability to handle different kinds of people and situations will help you perform your duties as a transport planner. InAutomotive has made it simpler to find management jobs in the UK automotive industry!