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Frequently asked questions

In LCV service advisor jobs, you manage all the matters pertaining to aftersales for the large commercial vehicles. You will move between the customers and the body shop, and exchange information between them. You will also need to assist both the parties in their decisions.

The amount of money a LCV service advisor makes is variable and it usually depends upon many factors such as your geographical region, your level of expertise, and years of experience in the field. The senior level service advisors earn a handsome amount of money in the aftersales department.

Those who work as LCV Service Advisor need to meet with the customers and cater to their demands. You will also need to determine which sales are essential, assist the customers, keep track of payments etc.

The main skills that are needed to become LCV service advisor are good customer care services, and strong communication skills with other people. You should be able to form good interpersonal bonds with your audience and facilitate them in all aspects to ensure retention.

Considering the rise in demand for automotive maintenance in the future, the LCV service advisor job opportunities seem to be a plausible option to go for. Those who hold complete knowledge and in-depth information of the aftersales process can excel.


LCV Service Advisor Job Description 

Before applying for LCV service advisor vacancies, you should know about the job requirements and responsibilities. To get this job, you don’t need any higher or formal education. Usually a high school degree is all that you need. After your education, you can get enrolled in an apprenticeship to gain all the skills that are related to customer care and communication. They are the ones who greet the customers when they arrive in the office. They play their part in fulfilling all the aftersales objectives laid forward by the Automotive firm. InAutomotive provides more information on the aftersales & service job opportunities. 

LCV Service Advisor Job Responsibilities 

The main things that entail LCV service advisor jobs are acting as a junction point between the customers and the technicians, determining which repairs are necessary and which are not, giving technicians work orders, ordering the parts that are necessary, and collecting the payment after the repairs. They give advice to the customers on pricing of the repair work. They also sell the appropriate aftersales service to the customers and ensure that they get full value for their money. After the repair work, they document all the changes. 

Skills Required For Building LCV Service Advisor Career

The main skills that are needed in LCV service advisor jobs are good communication skills, good interpersonal skills, and good customer care services. You will need to interact with different people and satisfy their demands, so your customer care services should be good. Your communication skills should also be strong as the job requires you to communicate different things to different people. The ability to coordinate with the other staff is a must and can help you stand apart from others. Visit InAutomotive and apply for the LCV service advisor positions.