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HGV Sales Executive Jobs

£30,000 - £40,000 Cotswold Porsche Specialists Winchcombe, England, United Kingdom
Direct Employer
Truck Sales Executive Ingenia Recruitment Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, North East From £22,000

Frequently asked questions

You will need a certain set of skills to work as an HGV sales executive efficiently. The skills may include the ability to sell and a willingness to sell with exceptional communication abilities. You must have a cheerful, self-assured, and driven attitude with tenacity and the capacity to handle rejection.

GCSEs, or equivalent with experience in the automotive business, are generally required for a job as a truck sales representative. Employers may also look for a postsecondary degree in business or a similar subject, as well as past sales experience. The requirements vary from employer to employer.

The HGV sales executive must be goal-oriented and self-motivated. These sales personnel must be resilient with excellent communication abilities, both vocal and written. The ability to persuade and negotiate is a plus and a core skill required for the job. Commercial awareness is essential, along with computer knowledge.

Although there are no specific criteria set for becoming a sales professional, good general education with many GCSEs or equivalents will aid your application. InAutomotive is one of the UK's best job search sites for the motor trade industry. You can get your dream job here by finding more about HGV sales executive jobs.

KRA stands for Key Responsibility Areas, and they are derived directly from an employee's job description. KRAs detail the particular tasks that an employee is expected to complete. Employees are expected to carry out their job responsibilities under their job position. To find more about HGV sales executive jobs, visit InAutomotive.


HGV Sales Executive Job Description

These sales staff members are a core part of the sales department. They establish customer-focused sales standards and ensure client retention and profitability by hiring, training, and assessing the performance of truck salespeople. They also keep current market/wholesale values of secondhand trucks for the market area in mind. They purchase second hand trucks from auctions, other dealerships, private sellers, and other sources and ensure that all trucks are refurbished under the dealership's and manufacturer's quality and timeframes. According to the HGV sales executive job description, they also establish processes for disposing of old automobiles quickly and establish guidelines for the display, merchandising, and maintenance of new and used vehicles.

HGV Sales Executive Job Responsibilities

These sales executives are responsible for forecasting the department's annual and monthly goals and objectives in an ambitious yet realistic manner. They hire, train, inspire, counsel, and supervise all salespeople's performance. Preparing and managing the truck sales department's annual operating budget also comes under their job responsibility. They recognise, follow, and comply with federal, state, and local automobile sales regulations. Educating customers and promoting a positive dealership image by explaining, implementing, and enforcing dealership policies is also a part of their job. They are also responsible for monitoring salespeople's productivity and schedules. The sales executives also assist individual salespeople in creating aggressive yet realistic monthly goals and objectives.

Skills Required to Build An HGV Sales Executive Career

To be the best at your job as an HGV sales executive, you must have the ability to read, evaluate, and interpret scientific and technical publications, financial reports, and legal documents in a variety of formats. You must possess the ability to reply to common customer questions or concerns and those from regulatory bodies and other members of the business community. The ability to produce speeches and articles in a predetermined style and format for publishing is also demanded by employers. In settings where only little standardisation exists, the ability to address practical problems and deal with various specific variables is required. Go to InAutomotive and apply for the latest HGV sales executives vacancies.