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Head Of Customer Services (Aftersales) Jobs

Call Centre Manager ACS Automotive Norwich, Norfolk, East £28,000 - £35,000

Frequently asked questions

The role is about building rapport with the customers and ensuring that the highest levels of client satisfaction are achieved. Acting as the voice of customers, heads of aftersales have to interpret the field information and prioritise the issues to resolve them efficiently. They also handle the budget of the department and manage the service and technical aspects of products.

Most employers ask for more than a decade of experience in team and project management for the head of aftersales jobs. Understanding the parts operation and technical knowledge related to vehicles is a must for this position. You need to be familiar with data analysis techniques and auditing standards to be eligible for applying.

The average per annum salary for the head of aftersales vacancies varies depending on the factors like the employer and job responsibilities. The job is among the highest paid ones in the aftersales and service department and the heads are offered benefits like performance bonuses, medical insurance, paid holidays and more along with competitive salary.

There are plenty of job openings for the head of customer services in the aftersales department. If you have managerial experience and technical knowledge of the vehicles, pursuing your career as a head of aftersales has promising prospects. Explore the latest job listings in aftersales by sought-after employers in the UK on InAutomotive!

The role involves customer service, team, and operations management so those who are good at leading the team and have people skills will not find the job stressful. Like any other position it has its challenges but if you like converting them into opportunities for growth and doing better, you will enjoy the work.


Head of Customer Services (Aftersales) Job Description

The role is about creating delightful experiences for the customers by ensuring all the issues are resolved on a priority basis. The heads of aftersales have to define the field problems and come up with a strategy to address customer issues through a structured problem-solving process. They have to ensure that a customer satisfaction campaign is implemented and are required to monitor and measure its efficacy. Clearing customer apprehensions is also in the head of aftersales job description. The heads are also held accountable for determining, coordinating, and communicating field action decisions pertaining to service campaigns and recalls. They ensure that the problem handover and ownership process has clarity. 

Head of Customer Services (Aftersales) Job Responsibilities 

The responsibilities of heads of aftersales include handling customer complaints timely and devising strategies to address them following the dealership guidelines and best practices. They have to maintain and implement a well-thought-out customer satisfaction system and work towards achieving the goals. They meticulously analyse the customer loyalty and retention reports and give tips and advice to the managers on how to go about improving the rates. They build, lead and train a team that is competent and capable enough to achieve the objectives. They also provide assistance regarding the after-sales market research and suggest measures that can prove fruitful for enhancing customer satisfaction levels. 

Skills Required to Build Head of Customer Services (Aftersales) Careers 

Excellent communication and customer service skills are required for the role as you have to work towards making the customers feel gratified. Organisation skills will come in handy for managing the team, goals, and operations of the department. Leadership qualities will help you to think sagaciously and encourage and motivate the team to give their best. You ought to be a good problem-solver to fit in the role as fixing the customer service issues is an essential part of the job. If you can astutely manage time and tasks, it will benefit you as you can perform better. Job search in the automotive industry is quick and easy with InAutomotive!