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Aftersales Support Executive Jobs

£30,000 - £40,000 Cotswold Porsche Specialists Winchcombe, England, United Kingdom
Direct Employer
Administrator Igloo Hinckley, Leicestershire, East Midlands £20,800 - £22,880
Direct Employer Customer Support Advisor Eastern Holdings Ltd Edinburgh, Scotland, UK £18,000 - £20,000
Direct Employer Customer Support Team Advisor Arden Group Maidstone, England, United Kingdom
Direct Employer Product Genius John Clark Motor Group Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Car Sales Executive | Nissan | Plymouth Vospers Plymouth, England, United Kingdom
Sales Support Administrator Vospers Plymouth, England, United Kingdom £16,000 - £18,000
Direct Employer Retail Support Apprentice Swansway Group Crewe, England, United Kingdom £15,000 - £17,500
Direct Employer Customer Service Advisor - Body Shop Swansway Group Crewe, England, United Kingdom £15,000 - £19,760
Direct Employer Retail Support Executive (Outbound) Swansway Group Crewe, England, United Kingdom £20,000 - £25,000
Direct Employer Retail Support Executive (Inbound) Swansway Group Crewe, England, United Kingdom £22,500 - £24,500

Frequently asked questions

An aftersales support specialist guides customers through each stage of the sales process, addressing any issues or questions they may have while getting the aftersales service for their vehicle. They also locate and construct client lists, as well as maintain sales databases. To get more details regarding sales support executive jobs, please visit InAutomotive.

In most cases, the aftersales and service staff is responsible for taking care of fresh sales leads. They manage the sales team's correspondence with their clients and keep track of consumer accounts. They also assist the sales team with data and reporting and keep track of sales targets.

You start by making direct calls. You make a long-term investment in coaching the sales department and guiding the customers. As a sales support executive, you make it easier to align the sales objectives. This personnel also makes use of the appropriate tools and technologies to make the sales process more effective. Paying attention to performance metrics is also a key to providing sales support.

The companies use many software and tools to ensure effective and efficient sales support. Some of the most known tools include CRM software, Sales intelligence, Sales acceleration software, Sales gamification, Sales analytics software, Video conferencing software (to meet online with distant clients), e-signature and document tracking ( for contracts), and Account-based marketing software.

Because sales teams are known for working odd hours, you may be called upon to assist occasionally. Your team encourages your involvement and suggestions once you make your place. Because you are part of a bigger sales team, you may find that a portion of your compensation is supplemented with bonuses if sales targets are fulfilled.


Aftersales Support Executive Job Description

If you work in aftersales & service, it is your job to ensure that you sell the best possible vehicle aftersales service to the loyal customers. Tracking sales leads, organising quotes with sales packs, providing customer service, and managing client accounts are all responsibilities of the aftersales support expert. The sales support executive is also in charge of keeping track of sales and the sales team's performance and capturing sales statistics. According to the sales support executive job description, you also need to have IT skills. InAutomotive is UK's largest job search board for automotive and motor trade industries. You can always find opportunities and career prospects details regarding sales support executive jobs by visiting the website.

Aftersales Support Executive Job Responsibilities

The size of your department and the type of sales your company focuses on will determine how much you work. In most cases, you are responsible for dealing with new sales leads and managing the sales team's correspondence with their clients. Keeping track of consumer accounts is an integral part of your job. Assisting the sales team with data and reports is also one of your job roles. Other than that, you are responsible and accountable for keeping tabs on sales goals, taking phone calls and organising diaries where your manager asks. You can be asked to perform other sales and negotiation tasks as required by your line manager.

Skills Required to Build An Aftersales Support Executive Career

Sales is a fast-paced sector, regardless of your function,so you need to be constantly updated about the trends in the automotive industry. You are also required to have excellent customer service skills and excellent written and spoken English. You may require accuracy and meticulousness with great organisational skills. Employers also expect you to be tech-savvy as computer and keyboard abilities are essential. The capacity to operate under duress and to tight deadlines is a plus. The ability to perform individually and collaboratively comes in handy. Good administrative abilities, ability to learn quickly and proactively are the qualities that can make you the top employee of your department.