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            Valetor The Solution Automotive
            Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
            Full time
            £25,000 - £30,000
            6 days ago
            Valetor Perfect Placement Automotive Recruitment
            Bristol, England, United Kingdom
            Full time
            £25,000 - £30,000
            11 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            A valeter is a professional individual who does the job of cleaning and servicing the different automotive machines. In valeter jobs, you will get to clean the different components of different machines.

            In valeter jobs, valeters, as part of the body shop, tend to earn somewhat decently. You have to work hard to gain years of experience to expect a highly rewarding salary in this profession, so usually it might not be the most satisfactory one.

            If you wish to get valeter jobs, you don’t need any formal education or degrees. The job does not require any special training or education background. Applicants should have a general knowledge about cars and their working. Applicants must be in possession of a driver’s licence.

            A valeter and a detailer are both involved in the cleaning of the automobiles, but as a valeter, you clean and service the vehicle just externally, but on the other hand is detailing, where you need to thoroughly cleanse the vehicle and make improvements in its appearance.

            In the detailing or valeter profession, you will need to clean the interior parts of a vehicle. These parts can include different materials like plastics, synthetic fibres, and some other materials. If you want to apply for the latest valeter vacancies, go to InAutomotive.


            Valeter/Detailer Job Description

            Before applying for valeter opportunities or for the jobs of detailing, you should have a fair idea about what the job encompasses. The job of a valeter is not the kind of job that requires any form of formal education. It does not demand any type of special training either. You only need to have a basic level of knowledge about the industry of automotive. You also need to be in possession of a driver’s licence. Other than that, there are no job requirements. The valeter job description includes cleaning the exterior of the vehicle and making it top-notch for the client.

            Valeter/Detailer Job Responsibilities 

            During your valeter jobs, you will need to provide the services of car cleaning and servicing. It includes vacuuming, restoring, and improving the original condition of the vehicle. You need to fix different components of different vehicles such as windows, tires, and wheels. During the in-depth detailing, you might need to clean the inner parts using different techniques such as steam-cleaning and vacuuming and make its condition perfect before handing it back to the customer. 

            Skills Required For Building Valeter/Detailer Career

            The skills that you will be needing in car detailing jobs include excellent customer service, great communication skills, and a good mechanical aptitude. You also need to be in a good physical condition, as the nature of this job requires performing hands-on procedures to clean and improve the different automobiles. You need to be familiar with different techniques and methods used in this job, and be dexterous in their usage. Interpersonal skills, as well as good customer care services also come handy in this job. Visit InAutomotive to find out more about the latest bodyshop positions available.